November 12, 2018

December Daily Revisited - 2016

It's time to take a look through my December Daily for 2016.  This was the first time I used a large album for the project - it was a 6"x8" album from Ali Edwards - and it's about as full as it can be!

I used a variety of page protectors - full 6"x8"s, along with pockets in different configurations.  This was also something new for me at the time.

As I did in 2015, I used packaging in the project in a few different ways.  I made a tag out of a paper shopping bag:

I punched circles out of a Starbucks cup and stitched them onto a 4"x6" card:

I often purchase the holiday issues of magazines and Martha Stewart's had a full page photo that I cut down to fit into a 6"x8" page protector to include in the album:

And I used the plastic envelope from an Ali Edwards kit to hold photos and journaling from my little project-within-December-Daily project.  I wrote a "looking for the magic: post about that here.  Now you certainly don't need to make December any more hectic by taking on another project but an envelope like this would be a great spot to store lists, receipts, extra photos from a busy day, etc.

I've mentioned before that my version of December Daily is a bit different from the norm.  One of the differences is that sometimes I tell stories from the past as well or in some cases, tie a story from the past to present.

This album also features the stories of some of our Christmas ornaments.  I wrote about one particular ornament that was not my favorite...

and also featured several ornaments from my daughters' childhoods, which was a fun way to get use out of those multiple pocket page protectors:

Those same page protectors were also a great way to record my holiday favorites list.  I stamped out the categories on cardstock circles, used a circle punch on the photos that matched my answers, and then wrote about my choices on a 6"x8" insert.

Although Christmas is usually a fun and jolly time of year, we all have our share of those "bah, humbug" moments.  I took a lighthearted approach and documented my "Christmas Confessions" on another spread.

I made a pocket on the inside back cover, using dimensional foam tape around the inside of three sides of a 4"x6" pocket card.  I slipped in a few photos and a couple of 3"x4" pocket cards with journaling.

Whew! This has been a long post, which I guess is fitting considering the size of the project! If you're interested in any of my previous December Daily revisited posts, you can find them all here:

Only one more to go! I'll be back in a few days with my final post in the series and a look at my 2017 December Daily.

November 10, 2018

Elle's Studio November Reveal and Projects

It's time again for another reveal from Elle's Studio!  Ready to take a look at what's new in the shop for November?

Here's the monthly kit:

While the kit definitely has a holiday vibe, you'll see from my projects this month that it also has plenty of options for documenting everyday life.  Here's a look at the add-ons:

Just look at the snow globes - aren't they adorable?!  They're available in large and medium/small sets.  And I love the new Merry & Bright 6x6 Paper Stack, too. 

And as always, there are the digital releases, including print and cut labels, cut file, and printables.

Once again, I used the new products for two pocket spreads.  I pulled two different color schemes and used one for each set of pockets.  This first spread features the cooler colors from the release - grays, greens, and blues.

I started with a variety of pocket cards from the November kit and used the floral vine from the Merry Moment Stamp to add a little more embellishment to a few of them.

I used the release's warmer colors - pink and red - for my second spread.  As I mentioned above, the monthly kit does have a number of holiday-themed pieces but I easily used it for these spreads featuring photos and stories from September.

One of this month's add-ons is a set of 3x4 pocket cards with labels along the top.  I actually cut the labels from those Labeled Journaling Tags and added them to some of my photos.

I used the Merry Moment Stamp along with some red ink to add small stars to a few of the pockets.  This little sprinkling of stars ties all the pockets together.  And the bright Jane Puffy Stickers in red added a nice pop of color to one of my larger photos.

A couple of phrases from the This Season Phrase Stickers found homes on a couple of photos, too.

I hope you'll head over to the shop and check out the newest products - I'm sure you'll want to add a few to your shopping cart!

November 7, 2018

December Daily Revisited - 2015

Hello and welcome to December Daily 2015!  This year's album is one of my favorites: I love the less traditional color scheme for the cover and the all little details in this book.

I was still using the 7gypsies book covers - this year's version is off-white and I added a blue bow on top of the center cut-out.  Immediately underneath is a piece of vellum with a stamped sentiment placed on top of a photo-realistic snow scene.

One of my favorite spreads in this album is one about Christmas product packaging.  I got the idea in the grocery store one morning and as I roamed the aisles, I snapped photos of the products that had special holiday packaging.  I'll admit that I'm probably a marketer's dream because I definitely get suckered into buying some of those "limited edition" goodies!

And in keeping on the topic of packaging, one of my tips from this album is to use packaging on your pages.  The first photo in this post shows a glassine bag (received in an online order) which holds a tag with my journaling.

Another way I used packaging in this book was by repurposing a small paper shopping bag that held a purchase I made on a December trip to New York City.  I added some silver washi tape and more of the blue ribbon from the front cover to hide a logo on the bag, and then used a circle punch to cut a notch out of the top of the bag.  I slipped extra trip photos and memorabilia inside.

Ready for more packaging?  I slipped a little circular piece from a holiday candle's packaging over one of the album's book rings.  It added a nice visual break from the rectangular shape of the pages, and it has a pretty gold script, too.

I also added a postcard reminder from a craft fair that I usually attend this time of year.  Unfortunately, I was ill this year and missed the show but I added the postcard anyway, along with journaling that addressed why I wasn't able to attend.

I revisited the word pairing journaling technique I first used in my 2009 album. I'm adding this to my page idea list for this year's album - I think it's a fun way to add details to the project without taking the effort of writing a paragraph or two.

Another journaling technique I used in 2015 is one inspired by Ali Edwards.  I used repeated phrases at the beginning of each paragraph, using "sometimes" and "but then" to compare a picture-perfect Christmas with our reality.

Well that concludes my look at 2015.  If you're interested in any of my previous posts, I've linked them all here:

Only two more years to go! I'll be back soon with a look at my December Daily for 2016.

November 6, 2018

CKC November Mini Kit Reveal and Projects

I've got my November CKC mini kit and two projects to share with you today.

As you probably know, this month's CKC inspiration kit is the lovely October 2018 kit from Citrus Twist, "Little Things".  You can read about the reveal and take a look at how the team interpreted the kit this month on the CKC blog here.  Let's take one more look at the Citrus Twist kit and then I'll tell you about how I wandered quite a bit away from it with my interpretation, and how that wandering lead me off my regular path with my projects as well.

Now, do you see that pretty floral print in the top left of the photo? That pattern really caught my eye and so I began assembling my mini kit by looking for a floral paper.  The one I found was in a totally different color scheme but I liked it so much that I decided to just go with it and build my kit around it.  That's one of the great things about making your own counterfeit kit - you can interpret the inspiration in any way you'd like.  As long as you're having fun and using your supplies, it's all good.

Here is my decidedly autumnal take on the Citrus Twist inspiration:

My floral is from Carta Bella and I added a black and white striped paper from Maggie Homes' Carousel Collection, a warm woodgrain from Jen Hadfield's Simply Life Collection, and a text paper from Michael's/Recollections.  In a big departure from my usual MO, I added colored cardstock in brick red, butter yellow and apple green.  I pulled these colors right from that floral.

The embellishments include leftover chipboard, vellum pieces and cardstock stickers from various Gossamer Blue kits, two alphas (another big change for me!) - a large green and white striped acetate variety and a small yellow puffy variety, both from Freckled Fawn.  My last addition was a set of very, very old stitched tags from Chatterbox.  I couldn't find a date on the package but if I had to guess, I'd say these were from the early 2000's.  They matched my kit so well that I couldn't resist including them.

The design for my first page was inspired by my friend Tracey Fox.  She's on Instagram as @scrappylikeafox - you can find her here.   She is talented and sweet and I'm sure you'll love her account.  Tracey is currently posting videos on her IGTV about this year's scrappy trends.  Her "cascading layers" video really caught my eye so I decided to try it for myself:

I cut a number of squares from my patterned papers and cardstock and arranged them in an overlapping manner down the bottom half of my page.

I tucked some stickers and cardstock in among the squares.

I added my photos along the top, used the yellow puffy stickers for my title, and then placed a trio of embellishments in the top left corner of the page.  And continuing the departure from my usual approach, there's no journaling on the page - gasp!!  I actually couldn't decide where to put it and in the end decided that the title and the photos really said all that I need to say anyway.

I still had plenty of my mini kit left and since I was hoping to use both the large letters and those old tags, I decided to try and make another page.  This one repeats those cascading layers in a different way.

I was able to use the tags both as a mat for my focal point photo and as an embellishment cluster in the bottom left corner of the layout.

My favorite feature of the page is the title: I substituted a vellum circle for one of the letters and I just love how it looks!

Well, between my departure from the inspiration kit colors, the inclusion of both colored cardstock and alphas, and a no-journaling page, it's been a bit of a different month for me!  Please make sure to visit the CKC blog to see what Lisa put together this month.  I'm sure it's lovely as usual!

And now how about you? Are you playing along with us this month by making a mini kit of your own?  We love it when you share.  You can add your kit/projects to the CKC link-up page, post on Instagram (tag us @counterfeitkitchallenge and use #ckcnovember2018), or share it in our Facebook community here.

Thanks for stopping by!

November 5, 2018

Five Faves - November

It's the fifth of the month so it's time for another installment of my five faves.  Here are the things I've been enjoying over the last month...

1. I follow an Instagram account that is just filled with gorgeous florals and stunning photography.  Check out @bottlebranch - her feed makes me so happy!

2.  I've been reading a LOT this year - 36 books since the beginning of the year!  I've always loved books and this year my passion for reading has been rekindled.  I borrow everything from the library, so that's my second fave this month - the local library.  I love to visit and browse through the stacks, and I also make use of their "hold" program so I can request some of the more popular books on my list.  

3.  I was intrigued by the Inflated Ephemera Pack from Amy Tangerine's Shine On Collection.  I decided to buy them and I really like them! They're a little soft and not as dimensional as I thought they would be, which was good because I don't like to add too much bulk to my projects.  I recently used one on a layout and I'm sure the rest of the pack will be gone in no time.


4.  This next pick is a bit pricey but I bought mine on sale at the beginning of last year.  It's the "Get To Work Book" planner.  The one I have is the July 2017 - June 2018 version and it was about half-price when I bought it.  I had the habit of jotting notes on little slips of paper and scattering them all over the place but I've now trained myself to write everything down in the planner and it's kept me so much better organized.  I began using it in January and then once I'd worked through June, I just crossed out and updated the numbers from July through December to get use out of the second half of the book.  I tried other planners before and they just never worked for me.  I really like how this one is arranged - I'm definitely sold on this product.

5.  My last choice is an idea for scrapbooking and it's one I've been using on a monthly basis all year long.  It's the "currently" theme: noting the specific things I'm making, watching, reading, making, feeling, etc.  There are lots of products out there that deal with the theme but you really don't need anything special.  You can note things in a planner or journal, make a scrapbook layout, or record things in a traveler's notebook which is what I'm doing. This has been a year-long project for me and I think I'm going to do it next year as well.  It's important that I document myself and this is such an easy and fun way to do it!

So that's my list for November - what have you been loving lately? Please share something in the comments below!