July 16, 2015

Inspired by...

I like watching scrapbooking videos on youtube. Many times I’ll watch and listen as I’m working on my own layout - hearing another voice makes me feel like I’m at a crop (almost). It’s fun to see how other scrapbookers put together a page and I’ve been inspired by watching others demonstrate techniques and tools that I’ve never used.

There’s a new channel I've been enjoying lately; it’s called “The Crafty Maven Getaway” and you can find it here. Hannah Lemieux is the brainchild behind this channel. (You can see her youtube channel here and her blog here.) The idea is very similar to the videos that Two Peas in a Bucket used to present - each day the channel features one (sometimes two) scrapbookers who share a layout or other project based on a particular theme. They also have a blog to go along with their channel.

The layout I’m sharing today was inspired by this week’s featured piece on the group’s Pinterest board:

I started with washi tape. I picked out the usual array of colors, hoping to find a different design for each one. (The fact that I was successful gives you an idea of the size of my washi tape collection - it's an obsession a problem.)

I measured a piece of white cardstock and lightly traced around one of the washi rolls to mark the center of my design. Then I started adhering the first color, folding as I went to keep the circular shape. Washi is so forgiving - it lifts up easily so it wasn’t too hard for me to keep my shape looking more or less like a circle. I continued adding each new color until I finished with this:

I just sat and stared at it for a while. It looked very bold and I wasn’t sure what photos I would be able to use with it. Lately, I’ve been really trying to make scrapbook pages with a purpose - I want to tell a story, recount a memory or highlight a photo. I don’t want to make pages just for the sake of trying a technique or using up product. I have more thoughts about that subject but will save them for another post.

So there I sat, wondering what I’d do with this page. I came up with a few options for toning it down. I considering just covering the whole page with vellum but decided against that because the washi folds gave the page some texture and I thought that covering it with vellum might give me a very bumpy page. My next idea was to cut it up into wedges and use some of the pieces to reassemble the circle on another sheet of cardstock, with some space in between each piece to make the overall effect a little less vibrant. I couldn’t envision this option without cutting it all up though and I didn’t want to make that commitment in case I didn’t like the overall result.

Then, I thought about just cutting it in half and using one piece of it on the top part of a page. And finally, at this point, I suddenly knew exactly what photos I’d use and how I wanted the page to look. So I made the cut:
My daughters just came back from a week’s vacation in San Diego. They sent me many photos while they were gone and I knew that I wanted to scrapbook about how fun it was for me to get these little peeks of their adventure. Bingo! - the story and the photos for my “page with a purpose”.

I mounted one of the cut rainbows onto white cardstock, trimmed about a ¼ inch off each edge and then adhered that on to a piece of black cardstock. I printed out some 2x2 photos from their trip and arranged them along the bottom edge of the rainbow. The Amy Tangerine/Kal Barteski thickers were the perfect font for my title. I centered them, along with my journaling and a few embellishments and the page was done.


So if you’re looking for some scrappy fun, check out The Crafty Maven Getaway - I’m sure you will find something there to inspire you!



  1. Susan, stunning LO!! This is gorgeous with the Cali photos your daughters shared with you of their trip. Beautiful!! And I'm sure I have Hannah Lemieux in my YouTube vid viewing, but I don't think I knew about the Crafty Maven...hmmmm...curious. Thanks for passing this along! (I'll recommend Kitty Scrapper, Irit Landgraf, Ohsnapgonzo, Maggiemylow, nicolejones911, and Inkie Quill to name just a few! Although I'm guessing you know about these ladies already ;). ) Heidi in Canada. P.S. Thanks for the comment re: my CKC July kit on Flickr. I had a big smile when I saw yours, Leslie's and Lisa's comments. Thank you! And thrilled I can follow you on a blog these days!!!!! Wonderful.

  2. Get out of town! This was totally awesome...
    Absolutely loved following your process throughout - a stunner :-D
    Thank you for all the links. I am needing some fresh inspiration & look forward to checking these out (plus Heidi's, lol) I'm so glad you are blogging.