August 4, 2015

My "Cotton Candy" Kit (Part 2)

In my last post, I promised to share a few more things with you. Let’s start with the forgeries I made with Crate Paper’s Confetti Collection as inspiration.

The first one was very easy and is based on this sheet in the collection:
Happy Day Glitter Paper
I cut my music paper down to 8-1/2x11, cut a triangle off one corner of the glitter paper, adhered them and that was it - so simple.

The paper was a nice, shimmery match for a Christmas tree photo from last year. Here’s how I combined them:

I decided to try forging this paper next:
Hooray Paper (the "b" side)

I thought I could get the same look with the Prima stickers I included in my kit.
I picked a quote and then attached the stickers to wax paper so I could move them around the page.
When I was happy with the look, I adhered them to the page, using a ruler to keep them straight.
Here’s the layout I made using my forged paper. I tried to keep the embellishments to a minimum since I already had a lot of color on the left.
The Confetti Collection includes this crocheted doily garland kit:
Confetti Crochet Doily Garland
I don’t know how to crochet but I really liked the look of that garland so I thought I could use my doily punch to make one. I first tried the vellum but it either tore or didn’t punch properly so that option was out. I next tried with a piece of patterned paper but that just didn’t give me the look I wanted. So I grabbed my on-a-whim paper and started cutting. My “fun extra” assignment is sewing, so I got out my machine and started stitching my garland.
I stitched slowly and let the machine sew three or four stitches between each heart. I love the garland I made:

And here is how I used it on a layout:
I really like how the black & white hearts look against the woodgrain paper. I layered some bits and pieces on a white envelope and tucked my journaling inside.
Since my sewing machine was out, I thought I would use it to make something similar to these embellished pockets from the Confetti Collection:
Embellished Pockets
I took the labels, punches and some bits of the paper in my kit and assembled some layers that I would attach to the kraft and white envelopes in my kit. My plan was to sew the layers together and then use adhesive to stick the embellishments to the envelopes. A confession here: I had already made several layouts using my kit so I had quite a few scraps handy. This would definitely be a great way to use up little scraps of paper and leftover embellishments.
Here are my finished pockets, along with a couple of close-ups:

The envelopes are the perfect size for a gift card. My youngest daughter and several of our nieces will be heading back to college soon and I thought it would be fun to attach the pockets to some cards to send them a surprise little treat. I took out my supply of white cards and got to work.
I sewed a border around the edge of my patterned papers and then attached them to the front of the cards. I added the envelopes next and did a little stamping too. (A note about the envelopes: the white ones seem to be assembled backwards. The seams are on the same side as the shorter edge for the opening, so in order to use them, I had to attach them seam side up. I don‘t think the girls will even notice that though!)

So now, the saga of me and the wood veneer paper (I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat). The Confetti Collection has this lovely wood veneer frame:
Heart Wood Veneer Framework
I thought this Dear Lizzy wood veneer paper was a good substitute:
Wood Veneer Embellishment

I loved this wood veneer and had such grand plans for it. It was going to be a decorative piece - I wanted to cover each heart with washi tape (remember my bowl of washi from the last post?) and then use mini clothespins to clip little notes and papers on it. Well, after I covered the third heart with washi, I quickly changed my plan. I couldn’t get smooth edges with the washi and at the rate it was taking me, it would be September before I got it all finished. Time to come up with another plan.
In this post, I’d covered a sheet of cardstock with washi and then cut it up to use on a layout. Why couldn’t I do the same thing but instead cut out hearts and then glue them onto the wood veneer? Sounds promising doesn’t it? I got to work.
First I covered the cardstock:

Then I traced a few hearts using the wood veneer as a template.
I cut a few hearts and placed them on top of the wood veneer.
And yes, the wood veneer is now white. That was actually part of my third plan - spoiler alert! - but I’d forgotten to take photos as I was working on plan 2 so I had to re-enact this part. My problems here: I don’t like the strips of dark washi and the washi with words on it; they are too jarring. Also, it might look like the wood veneer hearts are just four basic sizes, but in reality each heart is just every so slightly different in size, which means my templates are somewhat worthless and I‘d have to trace each of the veneer hearts. Again, I don’t want to be working on this until September so it’s back to the drawing board.

The third time’s the charm isn’t it?

I decided to somehow make a layout out of the veneer and started by painting it white.
Buoyed by my success at stamping my own patterned paper in my last post, I decided to try my hand at stamping on the painted veneer. I stamped a few practice hearts on some scrap paper and then started on the veneer hearts. My stamp set had several heart designs and I just randomly stamped each one here and there, even stamping some on the edges so only an incomplete image shows.
While I was happily stamping away, I got an idea for the layout. It might sound strange that I’ll start a layout without a topic in mind but I do that often. Every now and then I just feel like using my supplies to make something without really knowing what that “something” is. If I can’t come up with a use for it then, I know I’ll use it sooner or later. And sometimes just being creative is more important (and fun) than the end result.

Back to the idea for the layout. I’ve made a few “things I love right now” layouts over the last couple of years. It’s fun to look back and see what I liked at a certain time. Some things stay the same, some change and some things are no longer available (and yes, Snapple, I am talking to you. I am still mourning the discontinuation of my Lime Green Tea.).

I decided to place the title first and then place small square photos around it. I used the wax paper again to get the placement right and would stamp the heart.
And here, finally, is the finished layout:
I mounted it on black cardstock. No embellishments, just the stamped hearts. No color, other than the photos. And now the wood veneer and I are back on good terms.
Again, thank you for staying to the end of another lengthy post. I hope I've inspired you to look at your supplies in a different way. If you've taken on my challenge from the last post, please leave me a comment and link - I'd love to see your take on it!


  1. That 10 Things page is simply stunning!

  2. Fabulous forgeries here and the last page is really gorgeous! However, those stitched pockets and the banner are sooooo lovely too. Your banner page could be suitable for WM!!

  3. Fabulous forgeries and a well made & funnily written entry! And I love the way you used the wood veneer in the end. Very effective layout! Sometimes it's just hard to give up the original idea, isn't it, so it's a grea skill to be able to do that when one thing or another does not work. Good luck with the DT call!