September 25, 2015

One Sketch Two Ways

I like working with sketches. They are very versatile and can be a great way to jump-start creativity. When you work with a sketch, you can copy it exactly or use one or more pieces of it to generate your own take. You can use the same number and size photos, and set the journaling, title, embellishments and photos in the places shown on the sketch. Or, you can flip or turn the sketch, add or subtract photos and change the placement of the items on your layout.

I've been trying to participate in the challenges on the Whimsical Musings blog,  and one of the recent challenges (#184) was to make a layout using this sketch (originally shown on the Creative Scrappers blog):
My favorite part of the sketch is the bottom. Those little strips could be patterned paper or cardstock, branding strips, washi tape, ribbon, tickets, labels - basically anything narrow. I  used the sketch to make two layouts.

Here is my first page:
 What I kept from the sketch:
One square photo
The photo placement
Use of journaling strips
The collage of strips on the bottom third of the page

What I changed:
The page size
Replaced some of the paper strips with stamps
Used one strip or set of stamps per row instead of combining them
Didn't add the title (the writing on the cake serves as my title)
Didn't mat the entire layout
Added a doily and sequins
Only used one small strip along the top

Here is the second layout:
 What I kept from the sketch:
The page size
One square photo
Matted the layout

What I changed:
Rotated the sketch
Moved the title to the bottom
Turned the journaling strips to intersect with the patterned paper strips
Used one strip of patterned paper per vertical row
Added a little stamping near the title and at the top, along with a pair of Thickers brackets

I started with the same sketch but ended up with two different-looking pages.

Do you like working with sketches? Do you have a favorite sketch source?

September 21, 2015

Felicity Jane Layouts: Homebody, September and a Llama Named Theo

I made three more layouts with the September Felicity Jane kit "Feels Like Home".

First up - a layout about me. Though I enjoy going out and doing things, I am really a homebody at heart. Now that the weather is turning cooler around here, this statement is even more true. When the temperature falls, it's lovely to relax with a cup of tea, a little snack, and a warm blanket tucked around me.
I had the entire layout completed when I spied the cute little white bow that came in the kit. There was still a bit of gold thread left too so I wrapped it around the page near the top of my photos, and added the bow in the center, lifting the thread just a little to mimic the angle of the photo edges.

Next up - a page about how September has always felt like the start of a new year to me.
I used three of the cut-aparts and arranged them and my tilted photo in a diagonal line from left to right on the white cardstock. I tucked in a tiny strip of the heart cut-apart paper - it was my favorite print in the collection; it came on just one 3x4" card and I only had a very small piece left but I couldn't bring myself to throw it out. The puffy sticker, star and ticket give the page a pop of yellow and form a visual triangle to help you zero in on the photo. I love the branding strips on the Felicity Jane papers and trimmed the woodgrain scallop one off one of the papers and added a piece of it to both sides of my page.

Finally - the llama page. My younger daughter loves them and this winter my mom discovered that a local nature center had a "take-a-llama-for-a-walk" program. My parents are always finding fun things to do with my girls and so they were off on another adventure! It turned out to be a very cold day with wind chills in the single digits and there was plenty of snow on the ground too but that didn't seem to bother the girls (my parents stayed inside one of the buildings). I don't think it bothered Theo the llama either!

I kept the colors to just black, white and the light teal of the cardstock that came in the kit. I backed the photos on a leftover piece of the star paper (also teal) and tucked a couple of thin black and white strips at the bottom. Everything is centered - I've been using that design often lately. I added some of the stamps and heart veneer from the kit. The "a little crazy" tab and "cheese" flair were perfect for the page. I outlined the page border to pull everything in and to add one last whimsical touch to the page.
I didn't come up with the title - it's "borrowed" from the instagram one of the girls posted of that day.
He actually is kind of cute and he even looks like he was smiling for the selfies the girls took with him!

I think that's it this month for layouts with this kit. I have a sheet of one paper left along with a few little embellishments that I'll put in the box with the rest of my Felicity Jane kit leftovers. I will have to wait patiently for a couple more weeks until the October kit makes its way to my door!

September 20, 2015

Remnants and Wrap-Up

I am done with my Kaleidoscope kit and here's what I have left...
I definitely got my money's worth out of this kit! Now, it's time to decide what to do with the remnants.

There was very little paper left - in fact, I didn't have a whole sheet of anything. The vellum and the 4x6 cloud paper went into my scrap box, those small pieces got tossed and the cut-aparts got sorted by color and placed into my color boxes. A few kits ago, I set up color boxes to hold some of my kit leftovers and when I'm making a layout and looking for a specific color embellishment, I'll check the box to see if I have what I need.

The washi tape strips, vellum and transparency circles and the lone smiley face acrylic piece all ended up in the color boxes too.

I used some of each washi roll and stamp set and put those back with the rest of my washi tape and stamps. I also used a decent amount of the alpha stickers and the leftovers went back into my supplies.

The straws went into the kitchen and the PL kit (which I only used once) went back with the rest of my PL supplies. I used the whole pack of cloud die-cuts (hooray!).  I used all the heart puffy stickers from 7 Paper and I really like the stars left on the same sheet and the Evalicious puffy tabs so those will go back in with my little collection of puffy stickers. I'm not sure how I feel about that last set from Freckled Fawn though; they aren't all really my style, so I'll probably just keep the ones I really like and toss the rest.

Now it's time to move on to the next project. What do you do with your kit leftovers? I'm always looking for organizational ideas, so please share your tips in the comments.

September 17, 2015

The Last Kaleidoscope Kit Layouts

Spoiler alert: these last three layouts from my kit just might be my favorites!

First up is a 12x12 page about the last first day of school in our family. (Technically, it really isn't the last because 1. the photo was actually taken the night before the last first day, and 2. my other daughter is a teacher so she will definitely have many more first days of school. But for the sake of this layout, let's just pretend, ok?)
I love that confetti paper in shades of pink and orange and was happy that it coordinately nicely with the photo. There were some matching pieces on the cut-apart sheets and washi tape strips, and I had a few leftover scraps that were a nice fit too. I used a little strip/stacking method that is one of my old reliable designs. All that was left was to add the title, the journaling and a little puffy sticker at the top.

The next layout is an 8-1/2x11 page and it features what was definitely my favorite meal of this summer. If you are ever in Newport, RI in the late summer and eat lunch at 22 Bowens and they happen to have a special featuring heirloom tomatoes, I highly recommend you order it.
Oh, yum - I can almost still taste it!
The final page is one I kind of backed into - I knew what I wanted as an embellishment but it took a little thought to come up with a topic and photo to go along with it. I still had three very cute die-cut clouds from Pretty Little Studio out on my scrap table and I wanted to combine them with the puffy heart stickers from 7 Paper. I was envisioning the hearts falling from the clouds like little raindrops and that's the look I got on this page:
I layered the last of the blue vellum under and around the photo. The title is a line from the song "You Are My Sunshine", which I used to sing to the girls when they were babies. I'm just delighted with this one!
I'm not sure what it was about this kit. I wasn't too enthused about the Studio Calico inspiration kit at first, and while I did like what I put together for the month, I didn't especially love it, at least initially. I had photos that went nicely with the colors and designs, and the embellishments seemed to be especially fun to use. It was almost like the perfect storm of kit-making this time: everything seemed to combine to give me a lot of inspiration. This was definitely a fun and productive month!

I have very little left of the kit and my next post will give you the details about what I do when I'm ready to retire my kit and move on to what's next.

September 15, 2015

Felicity Jane Layouts

Time to share three layouts I've made with the September Kit from Felicity Jane - "Feels Like Home".  All the products on these pages were included in the kit.

I converted the photos on the first layout to black and white, to keep the varied backgrounds from competing with the vibrant colors of the striped paper I used as my background:
I picked out my favorites from the cut-apart sheet and tucked them next to the three photos. I used the puffy heart stickers from Crate Paper's Wonder Collection to hold down the circles of gold thread I placed under the photos and then added a couple of hearts and some phrases from the kit's embellishment sheet. I am now a big fan of the black foam letter thickers that were part of the kit. They are the Fitzgerald alpha from Shimelle's True Stories Collection for American Crafts and I like the thin shape and that there's a generous supply of each letter on the sheets.
One of my favorite details of the Felicity Jane kits are the branding strips. This paper had a perfect design for the subject of my story and so I left the branding strip on the bottom and trimmed the top of the paper instead to keep the page at 12" tall.
I used a grid design of four quadrants for the next layout. One holds the title, another holds the photo, one holds the journaling and the last one holds an embellishment.
I just added another embellishment cluster in the top left and bottom right corners to finish off the page.
My final layout was inspired by a prompt on the Whimsical Musings blog, which is a fun challenge blog that provides weekly prompts for layout inspiration. My page is in response to Challenge #183 - be inspired by teddy bears. I've been intending to make a mini-book about my daughter's cherished Ted for a long time; this prompt was just the push I needed to make a page about this topic, so at least the memory is recorded until I have time to get that mini-book done.
I selected two of the pictures I'd set aside and paired them with some of the pink and blue/teal embellishments from the kit.

Those two flair are adorable and completely suited to the page. I also used a couple of the stamps and two wood veneer hearts at the bottom. This is another case of the branding strip being perfect for the page, so I left it on and just trimmed the top of the paper. The "love" arrows above the tickets are from a branding strip as well. This layout definitely made me smile!

Thanks for stopping by - what have you been working on lately?

September 13, 2015

Three More Kaleidoscope Layouts

I wanted to use the circles I punched from the vellum in my kit so I used them to put together this quick layout:
I cut apart a sheet of washi tape words and added them, along with some acrylic hearts, to  the trios of vellum circles.
I was determined to do something with the 8-1/2x11 sheet of cloud paper in my kit and used the white space on it to hold a pep talk to myself about learning not to be such a worrier. I got the idea for the topic from the washi strip I used as the title. The only embellishment is a puffy star.
This last layout uses an Instagram photo and the punched washi leaves from my forgery post earlier this month.
Lately I've been really drawn to black & white with little pops of color, so I used the wide stripe as the background paper and added a few small strips of purple and white washi to pick up on the colors of the leaves. A black & white title using large and small alpha stickers completes the page.
I really feel like I'm on a roll with this kit...I think I can get a few more pages out of it before I'm ready to move on. What's been inspiring you lately?

September 11, 2015

More Kaleidoscope Layouts

I've been very busy working with my Kaleidoscope kit and the vibrant colors are definitely inspiring me to scrapbook. 

This first layout features a photo that my daughters took when they visited California this summer. They were there shortly before the very campy "Sharknado 3" was to be released and when they saw this shark at the Natural History Museum, they really hammed it up for the camera.
I used both sides of the watercolor orange paper in my kit. I don't know about you but I usually forget to check the "B side" of my papers when I'm starting a layout. The multi-colored pattern on the back of the orange paper added a little fun to the page. The blue strip in the middle is the branding strip from the paper. In an effort to start using the stamps I've collected over the years, I included a few in my kit and put the arrows and the "stay awesome" phrase to use here on this page. I stamped the phrase once in the center to serve as the title and then stamped it four more times without re-inking it.
I placed a few fun puffy stickers as embellishments and added the journaling to complete the page.

Next up is a layout about my daughter's job at an ice cream/chocolate shop and the page design was determined by the design of the patterned paper itself.
The title is a bit of an inside joke - apparently some ice cream shops (not the one she works at) refer to their employees as "scoopologists". I added the title in the white space on the left and my journaling in the white space on the right. 

I placed the sole embellishment to cover a red 2013 date in the lower right corner. And yes, I'm that mother, the one who sneaks a photo of her daughter at work. The things we do for a scrapbook page right?

A two-page layout is next. I wasn't quite sure how to use this Pinkfresh studio paper:
I knew I wanted to use the front side but something about the imperfect squares and circles was throwing me off. So I just cut it up and used a few of the pieces to fill in the empty spots on my layout:

I hand-cut the title from the vellum in my kit and stitched a horizontal line through the letters to hold them in place. 
I added a stamped border to the top and bottom.
A few more stamped hearts near the title and some acrylic embellishments were all I needed to finish the layout.
I also struggle with using photo-realistic papers and I'm not sure what I was thinking when I put not one but two of them in my kit! I had already used one of the 4x6 cut-aparts as a photo mat on an earlier page and then decided to trim the remaining piece into an 8x10" (-ish) piece and use it as the base for a layout. 
I turned the paper horizontally because otherwise those hearts would be sideways. I have some page protectors in this orientation so it won't be a problem to add this to an album. I printed a quote from Pinterest and cut it into strips before adding it to the page, mounted the layout on to another piece of paper and then wrote my journaling around the border.
I have a few more completed layouts to share - I'll be back soon with the photos and details.

September 7, 2015

Happy & XOXO Layouts

I had a little time on this long holiday weekend to put together a few more layouts using my CKC kit for September, "Kaleidoscope". It's been a great match to some of the photos I have from this summer and since our weather continues to be sunny and very warm, I'm still in the mood to scrapbook them. 

For the first layout, I used the leaves I made from the washi tape in my kit. You can read about how I made them in this post.  
They were just the right accent for a photo I'd taken while enjoying a very relaxing outdoor lunch with one of my daughters. I included a pink watercolor 4x6 card from the "Trinkets" Project Life kit which brought out the color of the terra cotta planter next to our table. The journaling card, pennants, "happy" and hearts die-cuts are also from that PL kit.

I used my "0n-a-whim" paper for the second layout and paired it with some die-cut watercolor clouds from Pretty Little Studio. I love these - they are just adorable! 
I lifted some of the clouds and my hand-cut title on pop-dots. (I've seen a lot of hand-cut titles lately and decided to give them a try.) I wanted to back the cutout triangles with something and didn't like any of the options I had in my kit so I flipped through some scraps and found a cute watercolor heart paper that was a nice match. I added the date under the photo with a white pen and then just wrote a few notes about the photo on the back of the layout. There's no story to go along with this page - I scrapped it just because I liked the photo and wanted to spend a little creative time with my kit.
My Kaleidoscope kit is still pretty full and I have a stack of photos too so I'll be back soon with more layouts. Hope you're enjoying some creative time too!

September 6, 2015

Kaleidoscope Layouts

I've got two layouts to share today that I made using my Kaleidoscope kit

I included some paper straws in my kit and wanted to try out an idea I had seen somewhere online - it was Pinterest or Instagram - and unfortunately that means I don't know who to credit either. First, here's the layout:
I used the straws to make a frame around my photo. I'd been looking at our refrigerator recently and realized that, even though my daughters are now in their early twenties, our refrigerator still holds some magnets they made when they were in elementary school. I snapped a quick photo intending to make a scrapbook layout about it eventually. Then I saw a layout with a frame made from paper straws and thought that would be a nice look for a page about handmade magnets. The straws were a little thicker than I realized so I ended up "smooshing" them down so the page wouldn't be that bulky. I adhered them using Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive. I used puffy stickers to tack down my journaling, trying to make it look as though it had been attached in a similar way as a note on a refrigerator.
After I placed the title, I stamped around the layout to fill in some of the open spaces and then stamped a little chevron border in random places around the white cardstock surrounding the layout.

My second layout was for Challenge #1 on the CKC blog - use a single pop of color on a layout. I was lucky enough to have the perfect photo to go along with the purple washi in my kit and here is the layout I made:

This layout took less than 15 minutes to complete, including the time it took me to find the blank white tags I used for my title letters. I was trying to mimic the look of the letters in the Studio Calico Pop Art scrapbook kit that was one of the inspiration pieces this month. If you're looking to make a very quick layout, limiting your color to one choice is definitely
a great way to go!.