September 21, 2015

Felicity Jane Layouts: Homebody, September and a Llama Named Theo

I made three more layouts with the September Felicity Jane kit "Feels Like Home".

First up - a layout about me. Though I enjoy going out and doing things, I am really a homebody at heart. Now that the weather is turning cooler around here, this statement is even more true. When the temperature falls, it's lovely to relax with a cup of tea, a little snack, and a warm blanket tucked around me.
I had the entire layout completed when I spied the cute little white bow that came in the kit. There was still a bit of gold thread left too so I wrapped it around the page near the top of my photos, and added the bow in the center, lifting the thread just a little to mimic the angle of the photo edges.

Next up - a page about how September has always felt like the start of a new year to me.
I used three of the cut-aparts and arranged them and my tilted photo in a diagonal line from left to right on the white cardstock. I tucked in a tiny strip of the heart cut-apart paper - it was my favorite print in the collection; it came on just one 3x4" card and I only had a very small piece left but I couldn't bring myself to throw it out. The puffy sticker, star and ticket give the page a pop of yellow and form a visual triangle to help you zero in on the photo. I love the branding strips on the Felicity Jane papers and trimmed the woodgrain scallop one off one of the papers and added a piece of it to both sides of my page.

Finally - the llama page. My younger daughter loves them and this winter my mom discovered that a local nature center had a "take-a-llama-for-a-walk" program. My parents are always finding fun things to do with my girls and so they were off on another adventure! It turned out to be a very cold day with wind chills in the single digits and there was plenty of snow on the ground too but that didn't seem to bother the girls (my parents stayed inside one of the buildings). I don't think it bothered Theo the llama either!

I kept the colors to just black, white and the light teal of the cardstock that came in the kit. I backed the photos on a leftover piece of the star paper (also teal) and tucked a couple of thin black and white strips at the bottom. Everything is centered - I've been using that design often lately. I added some of the stamps and heart veneer from the kit. The "a little crazy" tab and "cheese" flair were perfect for the page. I outlined the page border to pull everything in and to add one last whimsical touch to the page.
I didn't come up with the title - it's "borrowed" from the instagram one of the girls posted of that day.
He actually is kind of cute and he even looks like he was smiling for the selfies the girls took with him!

I think that's it this month for layouts with this kit. I have a sheet of one paper left along with a few little embellishments that I'll put in the box with the rest of my Felicity Jane kit leftovers. I will have to wait patiently for a couple more weeks until the October kit makes its way to my door!

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  1. Fabulous layouts Susan - the llama selfie one is hilarious :) I'm also a homebody and love the new beginnings that September ushers in.