September 4, 2015

Forgeries on the Fourth

I'm very happy to be sharing my forgeries on the fourth this month - it's nice to be on time now that my computer issues have been resolved. I tried my hand at forging two of the embellishments in the Pop Art scrapbook kit: the rubber fern leaves and the circle transparency die-cuts. Here's a look at the kit
Earlier this year, in response to this prompt from the Whimsical Musings blog, I made some feathers using washi tape and thin wire and thought I could use the same technique to make the leaves. Here's how I made them (I'm pretty sure I used a tutorial from Pinterest but I can no longer find it). 

I started with a very large roll of wide washi that came from a Studio Calico kit I purchased on sale last year - I think I could cover a wall with the amount of tape on this roll:

I cut a length of tape about 4 inches long, added a thin piece of wire (like a florist wire) about the same length, and then covered both with another strip of washi so that the wire was sandwiched in between.
I cut a leaf shape:
cut fringe on one side of the wire:
 and then the other:
I really like using the thin wire - it makes the leaf very easy to bend. 
I made several of these - I can't decide whether to call them feathers or leaves but either way, I will definitely be using these on a layout. 

Then I remembered that I had a small leaf punch and decided to give that a try with the washi tape. 
I just folded pieces of washi in half and punched out the shapes. 

Let's move on to forgery #2, the circles. I grabbed the vellum sheets from my kit and two circle punches and ended up with these:
Here's a little tip that I discovered: the punches worked better when I stacked two pieces of vellum together before punching. I don't know if my punches weren't sharp enough but when I tried punching single vellum sheets the edges were a little ragged (even after I punched some aluminum foil to sharpen my punch).

At this point, I realized that the circles in the Pop Art kit were actually transparencies and not vellum. I had a few old 4x6 transparencies from My Mind's Eye that I thought I could experiment with:
 And I also found this shaped semi-transparent sheet in my supplies:
It's definitely old - I think it might be from KI Memories. I tried punching circles out of all of these but with much less success than with the vellum. The punches kept getting stuck and I was afraid that I'd break them so all I have to show for this little experiment is this:
I do like the way they look though. I think I still have an old Creative Memories circle cutter and if I can manage to unearth it, I'll give it a try on the transparencies.

Now that I've got some more embellishments to add to my kit, it's time to get to work on making layouts!



  1. Awesome, Susan! I still need to catch up with your August blog posts. I have missed your creativity!

  2. These are such fantastic ideas, Susan. I've tried punching acetate before (so difficult) but it looks as though there was some success!

  3. Fab ideas here - I have to remember to fold washi in half and then punch. Fab!

  4. Great forgeries, love the feathers/leaves.
    Cindy. f

  5. i LOVE those wire leaves, which i guess could also be feathers!!!! very cool x

  6. Fabulous!! Those leaves are wonderful and so realistic!

  7. Fabulous!! Those leaves are wonderful and so realistic!

  8. Love the embellishments you created!

  9. These are so pretty!! Love your forgeries!

  10. I adore the leaves and yes, in that lovely green, I definitely think they are leaves and not feathers! Super simple but very effective forgeries! lovely.