December 20, 2015

December Daily - How Things Change

I've included pages in this year's album that highlight a couple of ways our Christmas preparations/celebrations have changed over the past several years as our daughters and the children in our extended family grow older.

One big difference is the way in which the girls make up their wish lists. When they were young, they would study toy catalogs and store circulars and, on more than a few occasions I was even able to steer them toward items I'd already purchased. Now they text or email their preferences to me, complete with links in many instances. 
I wrote the story on this "Santa's Ledger" page that I'd prepped earlier and paired it with a photo of one of our Christmas ornaments.  I like the way the ornament reinforces the theme of my page.

The opposite page features a bokeh photo of our tree that I edited with a little word art. This embossed paper wasn't part of my original album; I had been testing some embossing folders and this tree scrap happened to be handy. I liked the way it looked with my photo and so I added it to my album.
The complete spread looks like this:
I documented another change as well. The presents we exchange with my husband's side of the family have gone from completely filling our trunk (because toys tend to take up a lot of room) to fitting in a small gift bag (because those same children now prefer gift cards or cash).
I snapped a quick photo of the gift card envelopes, wrote my journaling on strips of cardstock and put them both together on the page.

On the opposite page, I wrote about the activities of a typical December day from earlier in the week using a noun - verb format.
The two pages together look like this:
  I'm glad I've got these little stories documented - what stories have you been telling lately?   


  1. This was anything but ordinary, speaking of the beautiful pages you are turning out. Especially liked the embossed paper & agree with how perfectly that ornament photo accents your story. I think you may have inspired me to do next year's with a heavy slant towards story/memories :D

    1. Thanks Leslie! This approach really works for me.