December 27, 2015

December Daily - Loving the Stories of Christmas

I finished the final few pages of this year's album. This is usually a bittersweet process for me - it seems like I was just holding my prepped but empty album and then I blinked and Christmas is over.
I almost always end my album with Christmas Eve, which tends to be a quiet and peaceful evening for our family. Christmas Day is filled with lots of activity as we celebrate with both sides of the family and it's always been hard for me to try and include all of that in my book.

After my last post, all that remained was the Christmas Eve story. I originally added the "December 25" page that you'll see further below, but it seemed a little too much of a jump for me to place it right opposite the snowman story that I already shared. To bridge the gap between those two, I inserted a piece of vellum with a square photo on each side.
The right side photo was one I took while doing some shopping in Anthropologie earlier this month - they have such beautiful Christmas d├ęcor in their stores. I took several photos there, thinking that I could use them with stories that might be missing a photo to go along with them.

Here's the December 25 spread. I know that I wrote earlier that I end my album on Christmas Eve, which is the 24th and not the 25th but the different dates don't bother me. I tend to think of Christmas Eve and Day as one big celebration anyway. The photo on the left page was one I liked and wanted to include; it's the title to a favorite Christmas hymn and is a nice match to the calendar page.

The final spread includes the traditional grandparents/granddaughters photo and a photo that I took on our front porch looking inside through the window at our Christmas tree.
I slipped a piece of white cardstock behind the tree photo and used Ali's stamp set as a prompt for my journaling, which reads: 
"Loving that Christmas Eve day found all of us at home. Loving that the day was peaceful and unrushed. Loving that the girls were able to share the celebration with all four grandparents. Loving our little family traditions. Loving that we can feel the spirit of those no longer with us through our reminiscing of Christmas past. Loving that Alison and Sarah get very excited about giving. Loving the stillness of driving to 10 pm Mass. Loving that we sing "Silent Night" in a dimmed church. Loving the magic of Christmas."
The vellum banner and chipboard buttons on the left page were originally on the right side of that page; I carefully removed them and placed them on the opposite side. I included two chipboard stars for a little more detail.
The right page was not in my prepped album. I had a little creative fun earlier in the month embossing snowflakes on a variety of papers and liked how they looked on this patterned paper so I added it to my book. The page looked too plain to me with just the photo and journaling tag so I wound some white crochet thread around the page and tied  a "dream" tag onto the thread. I adhered a few white and silver embossed wood veneer snowflakes to finish off the page.
Here are a few views of my completed album:

It's about 2-1/4 inches thick and I like the twine, tags and other little bits and pieces that peek out from the edges.

This 2015 album will now join the rest of my December Daily albums (I have 8) in a drawer in our home office. I won't look at it again until I'm getting ready to start next year's album, when I'll take all of them out and flip through them. It's a fun way to kick off the holiday season - I love the memories that come flooding back as I turn the pages of the books. These albums are filled with little details and stories that I'm certain I would otherwise forget. This is definitely one of my favorite memory-keeping projects and I'm so grateful to have these special December stories told.


  1. sigh... I love some of your creative solutions for finishing up your lovely book. The back-to-back photos on the vellum to separate the pages that had a big change between them. That final page with the snowy feel, in spite of none in sight! The clever photo through the window. The fat little packet of precious memories preserved again this December! xo