December 17, 2015

December Daily - The Unexpected Story

I've been doing this project since 2008 and my albums contain lots of traditional and similar pages. Our Christmas tree, certain decorations, wish lists, Christmas cards and menu plans have all found their way into my December Daily albums year after year.

But every year, I've also discovered that an unexpected story somehow finds me, a story that would definitely have gone unnoticed except for this project.

This year's story came to me one recent evening. I had just finished wrapping some presents and when I looked at them all arranged under our tree, the mismatched, leftover collection of wrapping paper caught my attention. I started thinking how nice it would be to have nicely coordinated paper and bows on our gifts for a change. And then I imagined a Pottery Barn decorated holiday home, complete with perfect Pinterest-inspired table settings which of course would hold our gourmet Christmas Eve dinner.

But then I remembered Christmas past and those memories, while fuzzy on the details about decor and menus, were very clear on the feelings of warmth and love from being with my family. And so these pages were born...

I flipped through my pre-made pages and decided that this one would be perfect for the first part of my story:
I didn't add a thing to it - the candy canes were from a Webster's Pages photo-realistic sheet of cut-apart cards. It definitely conveyed that "Pinterest perfect" vibe that would match the first part of my journaling.
I stamped a border around a trimmed piece of white cardstock, using the free stamp set I received for participating in Ali Edwards' Storytelling with December Daily class.  I then used a silver pen to make a little dot in between the stamped phrases and a lined border to separate them from my writing.
The back of that page holds the second part of my story, and at the bottom I added another stamped phrase and heart, along with a couple strips of silver chevron washi tape.

The fourth page contains a photo of the presents under the tree, which is what prompted this entry.
I'd already placed the "joy" tag on the page when I put my album together last month and I though it nicely captured the emotion of my story. 

Here's a look at the completed spread:

So that is this year's unexpected story. Maybe I'll find another before the Christmas season is over. Have you found any unexpected stories to tell lately?


  1. Super cute layout. I usually don't start wrapping my presents until Christmas break. I was thinking that some nice wrapping paper would make me happy though!

  2. awww...
    You have just inspired my unexpected story! Off to write it down before I forget...