December 4, 2015

December Daily

I've completed a few pages in my December Daily and thought I would share what I've done so far.

As I mentioned in my last post, I put together my album pages ahead of time and then during the month of December I just add photos and/or stories to keep this project from being too overwhelming and stressful. I shared my first few pages on the Counterfeit Kit Club blog earlier this week but after looking at them for a bit, I thought they were a little "blah". So I added a few more embellishments here and there to make them a little less plain. Here's a closer look at what I've done so far.

The first story combines a poinsettia photo (taken at my local grocery store) with some journaling that I slipped into a decorative bag adhered to a patterned acetate sheet.
I added a white doily behind the photo to help it stand out better from the busy background pattern, and placed a little puffy red heart at the top right of the photo. I used the stamp set from Ali Edwards' Storytelling with December Daily class to decorate the bag that is holding my journaling card and then used a puffy heart to dot the "i" in "loving". One more puffy heart found a home on the label tab on the side of the page.
I wrote about how, strangely enough this year, I was not at all bothered by the onslaught of everything Christmas that seems to take place earlier and earlier every year.

The inspiration for my next spread found me while I was grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago. I kept noticing all the festive holiday packaging in every aisle and realized that it was adding a little fun to this somewhat mundane chore. I started snapping photos with my phone with this page in mind. And I'll confess, a couple of these products made their way into my shopping could I resist?
I used the Pic Stitch app to make a collage of photos. The design I chose is an approximately 4" square with six rectangular photos, arranged two across and three down. I made and printed two different collages, cut each down the center and then overlapped the smaller strips on my page for a photo-strip look. Since the sheet of puffy heart stickers was still handy, I added two of them to my journaling card.

My last page is a topic that has been in every December Daily I've ever made - Advent calendars.
I wrote my story underneath the photo and added a "counting down the days" phrase from that same stamp set. 

Here's a look at how the pages look in my album:
I'm debating about adding something to the inside covers; I don't really like how the raw chipboard looks. I'm not sure what I want to do yet though but I have a couple of ideas. Since my album pages are mostly complete, I feel like I have some time to get a little more creative with this project.
All three of these spreads are things that took place prior to December. They directly relate to the holiday and are part of my Christmas memories this year though. Since I don't number my pages or force myself to find a story on every December calendar day, they fit quite nicely into my system. I want my album to represent my Christmas, and all three of these stories are part of it this year.


  1. This will sound odd, but thanks so much for giving me permission to scrap some photos from November that relate to Christmas! Silly me :)
    You're off to a grand start!

    1. It took me a while to realize that I could make it whatever I wanted to be. It was hard at first especially seeing how "everyone" seemed to be doing it as a daily record of events but once I took that leap there was no looking back.