January 14, 2016

What I've learned from CKC

I started scrapbooking in 1996 after a family trip to Disney World. Over the years, I acquired a lot of “stuff” as I purchased supplies from many different sources. For a while, I spent more time shopping than scrapbooking and I reached a point where I felt too overwhelmed to make a page - I felt strangled by my supplies.

This month marks one year since I began following the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog. Ihas reignited my creativity while helping me use up some of the supplies I’ve accumulated over the years. Back in June, I mentioned that I would be posting about what I've learned about my scrapbooking from participating in CKC. I thought my "anniversary" would be a good time to tell you the benefits I’ve gotten from playing along.

1. I’ve Refined My Style - Making a kit helps me see what supplies I use often and what supplies I like and don’t like. For example, I discovered that I really like using chipboard and I don’t like using glittery stickers, so when I’m tempted to buy some cute little glittery stickers, I know I won’t use them and will spend my money on something else. You didn't think I'd completely give up shopping, did you?

2. I Feel Less Guilt - Going along with the above point, I don’t feel as guilty getting rid of certain things because I am using up other items. I can open a pack of embellishments, use most of them in a kit and donate what is left without feeling too guilty because at least I’ve managed to use most of the package. The leftovers are usually items that aren’t my style so I know I won’t miss them when they’re gone.

3. I Scrap Faster - When I work from my CKC kit, my supplies are all right there in front of me. I don’t waste time searching for just the “perfect” item (and really, is there just one “perfect“ item anyway?). I’ve learned that I can find something appropriate within my kit.

4. I Make Happy Surprises - When I put my kit together, I generally just look at one side of a patterned paper. When I’m working with my kit, it’s a fun bonus to turn over a paper and find another option to use!

5. I Discover Unexpected Combinations - I’m sure this happens to you: you purchase a collection kit and inevitably discover that one or two papers or embellishments just aren’t “you” and you resign yourself to never using them. Combining different collections from a variety of manufacturers in my kit has helped those items become more usable to me. For example, I had a chipboard sticker sheet that included a little girl’s dress and I couldn’t imagine I would find a use for it, but I did!

6. I’ve Broadened My Horizons - I was stuck in a rut using the same types of embellishments but I’ve been adding different kinds into my kits and I’m getting them used. I had ribbon, twine and brads stored in jars that I’d been ignoring but now they are making their way on to my pages.

7. I Make Less of a Mess - This is a big one for me. While I don’t need a completely pristine area in which to work, I can only handle so much clutter. I keep my kits in 12x12 scrapbook containers from Iris. Everything is contained which is also important because I don’t have a designated scrap space. I tend to use our dining room table so it’s nice to be able to clean up fast when I need the table for entertaining.

8. I Have More Enthusiasm For My Hobby - I’m rediscovering items and remembering why I bought them in the first place. It’s fun to “shop” my supplies to find items to match the inspiration kit.

9. I Am More Inspired - I’m seeing old product with fresh eyes when I combine it with new product. I’ve challenged myself to see “how old I can go” - can I use that paper from 2007? In most cases, the answer is definitely yes!

10. I Feel Like I’m Part of a Community - The Master Forgers and everyone who participates in CKC have been so welcoming and nice. I enjoy seeing how people interpret the inspiration and how they use their kit to make wonderful layouts. I’ve been introduced to some great scrapbookers and bloggers through the monthly link up.
A few months ago I was honored to be selected to join the team of Master Forgers!

So there you have it - CKC has radically changed how I scrapbook. Have I convinced you yet? Give it a try - you will definitely be hooked on it too!


  1. You are such an asset to the CKC community and now to our team. Your creativity and keen eye go beyond the "norm" and take us to new perspectives. Love seeing your work and hearing about how this little community has transformed your scrapping. Thanks for sharing, Susan!

  2. So delighted you are here with us, Susan :D
    What a wonderful post! I have to agree with every point you've made, especially the broadening my horizons. I think we should make sure this gets linked to the How to Play Along With Us tab on the blog.

  3. This is such a fantastic collection of thoughts and such a surprise. I had no idea you were planning this post, but it has brought me many smiles reading through it!

    You're an amazing team mate - and an inspirational scrapper - and I really hope that more people are inspired to play along after reading xxx

  4. It's been interesting to see what you've gleaned from the Counterfeit Kit Challenge, and I think most of those insights are universally experienced by those choosing to scrap with counterfeit kits. You are such a shining example of hot to do that; it is a pleasure playing along with you.

  5. Fantastic post.I agree with all your points.It makes you use items and colours that you normally wouldn't consider.
    Putting this in my favourites.

  6. Thank you for your thoughts on CKC. I have wanted to participate for a while now, but I'm not feeling "good enough" yet. I'm working on it. Your pages are beautiful - and I can totally see why they chose you. I am working to add my older products in with my new products. Getting a kit each month in the mail is a joy to me - I'm a disabled and housebound woman and it's like a "friend" is sending me something. I have cut down an awful lot on what I'm buying and, seeing what you are doing, I'm off to check out CKC again!

    1. Thank you Sandy! I hope we'll see you at the CKC blog and please don't worry about feeling "good enough" - as long as you are happy by using your supplies, recording stories or just making a page for fun, it's all good. The great thing about this hobby is that everyone has their own style.
      I also have a kit club subscription and completely agree that there is a little thrill when it arrives each month.

  7. What a fabulous post - so true, all of it so true! We are lucky to have you as part of our team and such a great ambassador for all we hold dear. It's so lovely to hear that you are as passionate about what we do as the rest of us and this is a wonderful post. I agree that it should be linked to the CKC blog. And I might just make a post of my own...