February 4, 2016

February's Forgeries on the Fourth

It's a February tale of two forgeries for me this month:
As usual on the fourth, it's time to share how we created an item or two from the original to add to our own kit. This month on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog, we are taking this pretty kit from the Mind the Scrap kit club as our inspiration:
I picked two items to forge - one was easy and quick; the other was a little more difficult and time-consuming. Let's start with the easy one first shall we?

When I first saw this transparency paper from Amy Tangerine's latest collection, I immediately thought I could get the same look with stamps:

Amy Tangerine/Better Together
Instead of a transparency, I chose a sheet of vellum. I stamped the designs using StazOn ink in black, starting with the largest design (the camera) and then working down in size until I filled the entire sheet

The lighter smudges and shapes you can see through the paper are actually on the cardboard below - I used it as a scrap when I stamped off the edges of my vellum.
Once the vellum was covered, I set it aside to dry. Here is the finished paper:
Now on to the other forgery…
I thought I'd try my hand at the fringe hearts - they didn't seem to be too complicated. To change things up a little, I decided I would make circles instead of hearts but I ended up with both. They actually weren't too hard but they did have several steps and took a bit of time.

Maggie Holmes/Bloom
I started by drawing some lines on a scrap of white cardstock and then adhered strips of patterned paper using the lines as a guide. 

I actually put the second, third and fourth strips a bit above the drawn lines so that each paper strip slightly overlapped the one beneath it because I didn't want the white cardstock to show when I cut the fringe. So far, so good.
Then I sewed over the strips, trying to stay close to the edge of the strip above each one. I sewed about halfway down the first strip and then trimmed the excess because the piece was a little too wide for the size of my circle punch.

And now this is where I ran into a little snag - my punch wasn't able to make it through the sewn strip. It left enough of an indentation though so that I was able to use my scissors to cut two circles. Since I was already using the scissors, I just went ahead and cut a heart shape too.

Then I cut the fringe on each strip and used my fingers to "fluff up" the edges.


Here are the finished shapes:

I'm pretty happy with my forgeries and will be sure to use them both on projects this month.

Please check the other Master Forgers' blogs to see what they forged this month - you can find the links here. I hope you'll join in this month and try forging something of your own. Don't forget to add your creation to the monthly link-up!


  1. Fantastic forgeries, Susan! I'm surprised and not surprised the punch didn't go through the sewn pieces. I feel like I've had similar woes with another material. But you are crafty enough to find another way and the circles look great. Thanks for contributing!

  2. Both ideas are genius. Very pretty.
    I too thought about the fringed heart but had no glitter so gave up.

  3. Oh. My.
    That vellum is beyond perfection. You have SUCH a good eye for balance & proportion! I much prefer this to the original.
    I feel your pain about the punching, but at least it was a relatively easy save!

  4. Both your forgeries are divine! Thanks for the phots, instructions and tips on making the fringed hearts. Circles are just as cool. With your tutelage I am going to try them myself.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Can you please post a link in my comments for Felicity Jane kits, please?

  5. Great ideas. I never thought to stamp on vellum--I'm definitely going to have to try that!