March 24, 2016

Felicity Jane March Kit

My March Felicity Jane kit, "Tuesday" showed up at my door last week:
Felicity Jane "Tuesday" Kit
I have made two layouts using it so far and would like to share them today.

I was driving in my car a few days ago and was scanning the radio when I heard a snippet of music that brought me right back to spending Sunday mornings at my grandparents' house in Rhode Island when I was a young girl. As soon as I got to my destination, I grabbed a pen and some scrap paper and jotted down some notes. Those notes became this page:
I picked out lots of the black and white embellishments from the kit and then added in a couple of yellow and pale blue items. 
This pie chart comes from the subscriber printable and I placed one of the flair from the kit in the center.

The stamp set has an adorable trio of hearts and you can tell how much I like them because I added them in several places on the layout. I have the feeling I will be using that stamp over and over again - it's so cute!

I had trimmed the right column off the cut-apart sheet to use the yellow dotted piece to hold my title on the first layout. I decided to use the remaining part in its entirety for another page. Once I picked out my topic and photo, I realized that two of the cards on the sheet really didn't fit with the theme: the card with "This Week" at the top and the card with the number "3" right next to it. I still had two of the pieces that I'd cut off so I just placed them on top of the non-matching cards.
I again used many of the black and white kit pieces and this time accented the page with yellow and pink. 

I filled in some of the blank spots with stamps from the kit: the asterisks and the heart trios (see, I told you I'd be using that one a lot!).

I'll be taking a little break from scrapbooking for a few days while we celebrate the Easter holiday. We are hosting family this year and I need to use our dining room for entertaining and not scrapbooking. I'll be back on April 1st for the reveal of the new Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit - see you then!

March 22, 2016

Layouts Lately

I've been playing along lately with the prompts at the Whimsical Musings blog. They spark some great stories, help me use up supplies and challenge me to try new techniques or revisit old ones.

One of the recent challenges was to be inspired by eyelets. Eyelets were a popular product when I first began scrapbooking many years ago, and though I haven't used them in a very long time, I still have a few left. I decided to use them with some twine to make a border for my page.
Here's a closer look:

I don't know that I'll be using them regularly on my pages but it was nice to try them out again.
Another recent prompt was to be inspired by Tiffany blue. I really enjoyed looking through Tiffany's instagram feed for a little inspiration. I finally settled on this photo:
I kept the iconic blue shade as a background but substituted round confetti shapes for the hearts:
My final layout was actually inspired by product. I was one of the lucky prize winners for the blog's 200th prompt celebration. I won the Schnick Schnack Sack from the Scrapabilly kit club and was so excited when it arrived that I started using it right away. Here's a look at the prize:
And here's the layout:
I like making pages that capture a personal snapshot of things that are important to me at the moment. Sometimes I make a page about current favorites but for this page, I decided to record the items for which I was especially grateful last week.

There were so many fun bits and pieces in my prize that I couldn't resist using a little pinch of everything!
So if you're looking for some fresh inspiration, please check out the Whimsical Musings blog - there's a great list of past prompts and I'm sure you'll find several fun ideas to inspire a page or two. 

March 18, 2016

Layouts Lately - Welcome Little Friends

It seems as though spring has arrived a little early here in the northeast (we'll just ignore the 1-3 inches of snow in the forecast for this weekend). I've been enjoying walks outside through my neighborhood and I've noticed lots of blooms popping up all over the place.

This page features a collage of the flowers that have brightened up my day lately. I used a new collection from Elle's Studio called "Little Moments". It has bright and cheery spring colors and fun patterns that make me happy, just like those flowers.
I played around with lots of ideas for this page at first but finally settled on the neutral grays and blacks as the mat for my photo. 
These hearts and leaves are my favorite prints - they are just so sweet and dainty.
I cut small rectangles from the more colorful papers (I have the 6x6 paper pad). I arranged them on the border of the white cardstock and then sewed two lines of stitches all around. I gently lifted up the edges to add a little something extra to the page.
After I placed my title and wrote my journaling, I added a couple tabs and a pink heart to finish off the page. And so now if the snow comes and covers the flowers, I'll at least have this page to make me happy!

March 12, 2016

And Still More March CKC Layouts

I had two almost-whole sheets of paper left in my kit so I thought I'd try to get two more layouts made. Shimelle happened to be hosting a fun weekend challenge on her blog and I found two challenges that fit in quite nicely with what remained in my kit.

The first challenge was to scrap a monochromatic layout. I used my remaining red papers to put together this page about how I find myself buying cut flowers at the grocery store at this time every year to help usher in spring (or maybe just get through the last of the winter doldrums!).
The papers, washi and enamel dots all came from my kit. 

I pulled out my red color box to find a few more embellishments to add to the page.
The color box even provided me with the "happy" title.

My second layout was based on Shimelle's final challenge - she asked people to make a page using the design comments left for her as inspiration for her final page. I picked two of the comments: stamp right on a photo and use chevrons. Here is my layout:
My yellow background paper has a horizontal chevron pattern and I added a little chevron stamp to my title/journaling block.
I stamped the heart/hello on my photo. I've been trying to do this more often because I really like the look it gives to the photo.
The stamps and two puffy stickers weren't in my March kit, but we all reserve the right to add a little something every now and then right? And since the goal of the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog is to use up what we have, it all works out in the end! 

And now I can definitely say that I'm done with my March kit. There really wasn't much left in it - a few small scraps of paper, a handful of enamel shapes, two wood veneer words and a sheet of rub-ons that turned out to be stuck to their packaging and couldn't have been used anyway. I enjoyed scrapping with the primary colors of my kit - I've been using pinks, mints, and pastel shades lately so this was definitely a nice change. Thanks for stopping by - happy scrapping!

March 10, 2016

More CKC March Layouts

Today I have two more layouts that I put together using my "So Rad" CKC kit for March.

This first page has one of my tried and true designs - paper strips. I actually combined paper strips and washi strips for this background:
I converted my photos to black & white so that they wouldn't compete with the colorful paper strips.  The blue and white diagonal piece at the top is the branding strip from the gray paper that mats the layout. It covers a mistake in the journaling that I'd originally written at the top of the page.
I stamped a few single words along the side edges and used another stamp with three short sentences along the top and bottom of the strips.
I placed a few enamel hearts on some of the strips, matching the hearts to the color of the strips.

The base for my second layout was the result of a happy accident. My patterned papers were scattered across my table and the green die-cut number sheet happened to rest on top of the  other green paper I included in my kit. I liked the way they looked together and decided to use them for this page:
I used one of Ali's stamps with some Staz-on ink right on my photo.
I'd included two tri-fold journaling cards from one of Becky Higgins' first Project Life kits in my kit this month.  I cut one of them and used it under my photo mat (it's the gray and white number design). I filled the other card with journaling, folded it in three and slipped in beneath my photo. I had already adhered the photo to the page with dimensional adhesive strips to leave an opening wide enough for that tri-fold card.
I stamped "story" on the card's tab and added a green enamel dot. The black postage stamp embellishment is a rub-on and I placed a few more of them at the top and bottom of the page.
The enamel hearts and dots were the finishing touch. I'm not usually fond of the color green but I'm very pleased with how this page looks.

I've enjoyed working with this kit and have used quite a bit of it already. I'll have to see if I have enough left for one more layout. Thanks for stopping by today!

March 8, 2016

CKC Layouts for March

I have two layouts to share today that I made with my "So Rad" Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit. This month we are using an Ali Edwards' Story kit as our inspiration.

My first page has no photos and is a list of the things that are happening in my life right now. I want to try to make this type of layout several times a year; life is always changing and it will be nice to look back and see little snippets from a certain time period.
I first made a grid with strips of white cardstock on the white background. I thought that darker grid lines might have been too distracting.
I filled in the "boxes" of the grid with some of the embellishments from my kit - wood veneer and chipboard shapes...
...labels and enamel shapes and a cork ampersand.
I trimmed one of the transparencies and stapled it to the page to serve as my title, added a little yellow label with the date, and stamped a subtitle underneath. This topic was a great way to use up the unrelated embellishment items I put in my kit (ampersand, spinner with arrow, camera and pie chart). I also added several rub-ons from an American Crafts book - it's an old product but it still worked very well.

The second page records a fun story about a little food shack we pass on our way to visit our daughters at college. We always joke about stopping here for a bite to eat (we have never seen any cars there) and one day we pulled over so I could take a few photos of the place. The colors were a great match to my kit.
I cut a wide strip of the die-cut alpha paper I included in my kit and placed it right in the center of my page. After I added the yellow and red papers and my photos, I realized that I hadn't left myself a good spot for my journaling so I ended up writing it on strips of white cardstock to help them stand out from the background.
I used an ink pad to alter the color of the wood veneer word and arrow and slipped a punched circle of the arrow paper under them to keep the blue from fading into the background of the alpha paper.
Since there was already a lot of color and pattern on the page, I kept the embellishments simple - just a couple of chipboard hearts and enamel stars here and there. 

I've got a couple more layout ideas for my kit. I'll be back in a few days to share what I've made. Thanks for stopping by!

March 6, 2016

CKC March Kit - Challenge #1

The March challenges are based on the challenges used by the newest Master Forgers when they tried out for the team last summer. Challenge #1 is brought to you by Clair: Base a project based on something spotted on Pinterest, but it can't be a craft project (no layouts, mini-albums or mixed media as inspiration).

I think I may have stretched the limits of this one just a bit. Technically I did use a "craft project" as my inspiration but since it wasn't a layout, mini-album or mixed media scrapbook project, I'm just going to say it's all good - how's that?

I used this cross-stitched piece on Pinterest as my inspiration:
Pinterest Link

The primary colors and the diagonal design of the squares really caught my eye.

Here is the page I made based on that cross-stitched piece:
I started by converting my photos into black & white and printing them in collage of squares. I placed the photo block in the center of the page and then arranged squares of patterned paper around them, trying to vary the sizes and colors. 
I used a transparency piece from Little Yellow Bicycle for my journaling - I picked the circle design to stand out from all the square shapes already on the page. 
I placed a few chipboard hearts around the page to reinforce my theme and break up those patterned blocks. 
I finished off the page by adding a couple pieces of the black alpha washi tape I included in my "So Rad" kit. I wanted a little more black to go with the title and journaling piece.

And now for a little confession - I wasn't terribly happy with my "So Rad" kit at first. I couldn't exactly put my finger on it but I just wasn't excited to work with it. Now that I've made my first layout though, my thoughts have completely changed. I really like the crisp look of the colors, which are a nice change from the pastels I'd been using for my kits recently. I definitely think I'll get a lot of use out of this kit after all.

So, how about you? Are you ready to tackle this challenge with your kit? You can take a look at the CKC blog to get an idea of how some of the other Master Forgers interpreted this challenge. Please link your project up here too - we'd love to see what you've made!