March 24, 2016

Felicity Jane March Kit

My March Felicity Jane kit, "Tuesday" showed up at my door last week:
Felicity Jane "Tuesday" Kit
I have made two layouts using it so far and would like to share them today.

I was driving in my car a few days ago and was scanning the radio when I heard a snippet of music that brought me right back to spending Sunday mornings at my grandparents' house in Rhode Island when I was a young girl. As soon as I got to my destination, I grabbed a pen and some scrap paper and jotted down some notes. Those notes became this page:
I picked out lots of the black and white embellishments from the kit and then added in a couple of yellow and pale blue items. 
This pie chart comes from the subscriber printable and I placed one of the flair from the kit in the center.

The stamp set has an adorable trio of hearts and you can tell how much I like them because I added them in several places on the layout. I have the feeling I will be using that stamp over and over again - it's so cute!

I had trimmed the right column off the cut-apart sheet to use the yellow dotted piece to hold my title on the first layout. I decided to use the remaining part in its entirety for another page. Once I picked out my topic and photo, I realized that two of the cards on the sheet really didn't fit with the theme: the card with "This Week" at the top and the card with the number "3" right next to it. I still had two of the pieces that I'd cut off so I just placed them on top of the non-matching cards.
I again used many of the black and white kit pieces and this time accented the page with yellow and pink. 

I filled in some of the blank spots with stamps from the kit: the asterisks and the heart trios (see, I told you I'd be using that one a lot!).

I'll be taking a little break from scrapbooking for a few days while we celebrate the Easter holiday. We are hosting family this year and I need to use our dining room for entertaining and not scrapbooking. I'll be back on April 1st for the reveal of the new Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit - see you then!

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  1. Loving these - I had forgotten about the printables - love that pie chart! The mini washi tape looks great, and those teeny tiny hearts are adorbs. I am starting to keep the tiny stamps from my kits at the ready on my desk. They are so perfect for that little something to finish things off, as you've proved so beautifully on these pages.