April 18, 2016

April CKC Layouts

Part of the appeal for me in participating in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog is the "putting together the kit" part. I like looking through my supplies and finding just the right pieces to add to my kit.

So this month, as usual, I enjoyed assembling my kit but then when it came to actually using it, well...that was another story. I like how it looks, but it really isn't my style. At all. But I had an assignment to complete so I started with that first. Then I just looked at the kit for several more days - it sat there, mocking me, almost daring me to use it. So I took up the challenge. I was determined to get some use out of it and end up with pages that were "me", pages that would look consistent with the rest of my layouts, pages that told important stories or recorded important memories. 

I discovered that the best way for me to work with the kit was to use the papers in small doses and keep the embellishments simple.

This first page is based on this sketch from Citrus Twist kits from October 2013:
 Following my formula, this page has small strips of paper:
 and a small number of embellishments:
Here's another page from this month's kit:
Although I used larger pieces of the patterned papers, the layering keeps only a small portion of each of them visible.
I added just a few wood veneer shapes and wrapped twine around one of the edges.
Once I figured out the secret, I was able to make eight layouts. And I decided that this kit wasn't so bad after all. What do you do when a kit or papers or embellishments just aren't your style?


  1. I echo your sentiments about the making of a kit (satisfying) vs. using the kit (debatable!)
    I, too, purposed that I would attempt to use this month's counterfeit in a fresh way in spite of it appearing - shall we say? - less than on trend.
    I'm two out of three, so far :)
    Page one here is a total success imo and I think what appeals to me most is how it is light & airy which suits your photo so well. What a fab sketch!
    Page two I really love as I think it is rich although not heavy, which supports the complex yet youthful woman you have described in the journaling. Happy Birthday, Sarah!

  2. Love the understated layering here on the first and the larger layers on the second - very effective in both cases. I didn't use much of my kit either - as it wasn't in my style. Hey, you "win" some, you "lose" some right. I agree that putting it together is always fun though.

  3. I love that your kit was mocking you and daring you to use it. I know that feeling well. Individually, I love most of the items in all my kits but sometimes it just doesn't work! And I love that you didnt give up but rather took up the challenge to make some stunning pages. The puffy gold stickers are adorable but the thing that made me literally gasp is that gorgeous twine wrap and bow on the second layout. I wish my bows looked this good. Just beautiful!