April 29, 2016

Felicity Jane "Chloe" Kit Layouts - Part 2

My last two Chloe kit layouts were both part of my Pinterest to page project. I'm trying to clear my inspiration boards by actually using all those pins - what a thought!

Here are the details for my first page...
What I pinned:
Why I pinned it: I loved this collage of instagram photos clipped to wires running horizontally across the frame. I could definitely see how this would make a fun scrapbook page to showcase several photos and embellishments.

What I made:
How I got from pin to page:
I had already printed out a collage of small square photos of the weekly bouquets I picked from my gardens last summer and I knew that they would pair perfectly with the Chloe kit. I cut out the photos and arranged them in three rows, leaving some space between the photos that I would fill in with embellishments from the kit. I added some tags, a few stickers and a larger square to hold my title and journaling. I moved all the pieces around on the swiss dot embossed white cardstock until I was happy with the arrangement. The next step was to use a small hole punch to make three holes on each side. I slipped a length of white crochet thread through each set and I anchored the edges to my table with washi tape. I didn't want to attach them to the back of the cardstock until I adhered the photos and embellishments in case something went wrong. I put everything else in place and added the adhesive to all the pieces. I used a tape runner for most of the hanging pieces and attached each item just slightly over the top of the thread.
I folded the stickers over the thread and then used a paper bow, flair and small chevron stickers to "clip" each item to the thread. Once everything was firmly attached, I wrapped the ends of the thread over the edges to the back of the cardstock and used washi tape to hold them in place. I then cut small pieces of thread and tied them into bows at the end of each of the lines.
This page makes me happy and I can't wait until this year's garden is in full bloom!

And now for page number two...
What I pinned:
Creative Scrappers
Why I pinned it: I liked it! I guess the better question is: why did I choose it for this layout? The answer is that I could use different scraps of the kit's patterned paper for the squares on the background. I was really trying to stretch the beautiful papers in the kit so that I could make several layouts from them.

What I made:
How I got from pin to page:
I had already cut out the center of that multi-color floral and used the one-inch border piece to frame the page. I cut triangles out of the scraps of the remaining papers, mixing in a few black & white patterns to offset all that color. 
I arranged them into four square pieces, added a tiny bit of adhesive and then sewed around the borders of the triangles as well as around the edge of the white cardstock. I matted my photo and placed it in the center of the page, then chose just a few embellishments from the kit and added them to each of the outer triangle pieces.
The final step was to write my journaling just under the stitching on the white cardstock.
I think this is my favorite layout from my kit this month. The stitching really makes it special - I need to get my sewing machine out more often and put it to use on my pages.

That's what I've been up to this month - what have you been working on?


  1. These are lovely, great details and stitching.

  2. That first one needs a frame, my friend!
    Love how you used the bows & so many of the Chloe goodies.
    Your stitching makes #2 a total standout a la some of the quilty patterned scrap divas!