May 6, 2016

CKC May - Challenge #1

This month's assignment was definitely worthy of the term "challenge"! We were to feature a "Q" or a "K" on our project; we could use a monogram, include the letters in a BIG title, but it had to be included in something other than journaling.

This one had me stumped for a while. I thought "K" might be easier, so I made a little list of words that might be useful - key, kooky (maybe a silly page about my daughters), kitchen, kite, kids, kindergarten, ketchup (getting a little desperate here). Hmmm...let's try "Q" instead - quiet, questions, quote, quack (desperate again). Finally, I came up with "quilt" and things finally clicked into place.

I chose to hand-cut my large title (as per the challenge) and then stitched it to my page. I also stitched the photos in a few spots as well. (After looking at my page for a couple days, I decided that the title blended too much into the white cardstock background. I wanted to line the edges with ink but since the letters were already stitched to the page, that just seemed like an accident waiting to happen. I finally outlined the letters with a black pen and am happier with the final look of the page. The detail photos that follow were taken before I outlined the letters.)
My journaling tells the story of this heirloom quilt which was hand-stitched by my husband's grandmother and passed down to us. Since the photos are so colorful and the title is so large, I kept the embellishments small and simple - stamped hearts and a little chipboard word in three places on the page.
And so while this challenge was, well, challenging at first, I'm very happy that it lead me to this story and that I've recorded an important bit of our family history.
Now it's your turn to take this challenge. Don't forget to link your project on the CKC blog here.


  1. Oh I love this page, the stitching, of course, but the other touches too, and the good bit of journaling. Challenge well met.

  2. Well you certainly rose to the challenge Susan - and I'm so glad that you paid tribute to this wonderful quilt with some sewing of your own. Beautiful page.

  3. Especially love those tiny red words with the hearts! My eye picked those out & they took me around the page. Great to have this documented.

  4. The black line around your letters really was the perfect final touch. A fabulous layout as always and what amazing heirlooms to have in the family!