May 7, 2016

Happy {Inter}National Scrapbook Day!

I first started scrapbooking about 20 years ago. We had taken a trip to Disney World and I wanted to do "something" with our photos - I didn't want them just sitting in a box in a closet. I was introduced to Creative Memories and scrapbooking has been part of my life since then. There have been times when I have scrapbooked every day and there have been times when I haven't scrapbooked for a year or two. But I always come back to this hobby.

I made this layout a few years ago, but all my reasons for scrapbooking still hold true today.
I scrapbook to leave a legacy. I scrapbook to capture the memories I know I would otherwise forget. I scrapbook to put names to faces, places and events. 
I scrapbook to leave the girls tangible documentation of their childhood. I scrapbook  to record traditions, big and small. I scrapbook to remember what "the good old days" were like.
I scrapbook to have a documented history of our lives. I scrapbook to keep beloved family members alive. I scrapbook to count my blessings. I scrapbook to be transported back in time at the sight of a particular item or person captured on film.
Scrapbooking makes me happy. 

Today is {Inter}National Scrapbook Day. I won't be able to spend any time today scrapbooking but that's ok - I'll be making memories instead. And sooner or later, I'll be back at my table, preserving and documenting those memories.

*The Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog is also celebrating {I}NSD with tips and inspiration posted every two hours throughout the day. Please take a look at the CKC blog here & happy celebrating!

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