June 20, 2016

CKC June Kit - That One Paper

There was one particular paper in my June Counterfeit Kit Challenge Kit that quickly became my favorite - this sheet of patterned circles from Pink Paislee's Fancy Free Collection:
I love that all the colors and patterns of the entire collection are represented on this one page and I was determined to see how I could make the most of this one sheet of paper. I began by cutting a few circles and using them on this layout that I've already shared:
The piece of paper that remained after I cut about a dozen circles wasn't really big enough to use as one piece so I knew I'd be cutting the rest of the circles. For my next layout, I loosely arranged the cut circles in color groups as a garland on the page:
So it wouldn't compete with all that color, I changed my photo to black & white and added it to the top third of the page. I stamped the sentiment/title right on the photo and then also stamped a trio of hearts in three spots on the page. Both stamps are from a recent Felicity Jane kit. After I mounted the page on a sheet of black & white striped paper, the top looked a little incomplete so I cut the teeny pieces of circles from the edge of the original paper and adhered them to the top.
I finished the page by sewing two wavy lines over each "row" of the circle garland. I think this might be my favorite page this month. Now I know that I always talk about telling a story and this page has no journaling at all, but I just wanted to highlight one of my favorite pictures of my daughter with her close friends celebrating their college commencement. I have plenty of other photos from that event and will be telling their stories on other layouts.

So by now I just had a few whole circles and a few half circles left from that paper but I was determined to squeeze just one more layout from them. I cut the whole circles in half and then pieced together the halves to make multi-patterned wholes.
I had just enough of the mixed/matched circles to take up a decent amount of the white cardstock. To fill in the rest of the page, I added two sizes of white cardstock punched circles and a few small circles punched from black & white polka dot tissue paper. (A hint for punching tissue paper: sandwich it between sheets of thin copy paper and you'll get a clean edged punch.)
I added a photo of the handles and basket of the bike I rented on vacation, and kept the circle theme going by using the "happy" letter circles from the ephemera pack in my kit.
The final touches included a few pink word/phrase stickers, some gold puffy hearts and a hand-drawn black outline around my photo mat and the page edges.

And after three pages, this is what was left of my favorite paper:
I think my little experiment was a success! I'd also like to add that I've since ordered another sheet of that paper; I still love it and I couldn't resist when I found it in-stock while ordering a couple of items online.

How about you -  what paper is your favorite right now?


  1. WOW! Love them all.... beautiful pages..and so thrifty..only problem is.. If I did that with all my pages I'd have to live to be 150 years old! lol

  2. I knew right away that those slivers of circle at the top must have been from the edges, lol. So much of my work ends up feeling blocky to me that it makes me appreciate the organic feel of your circles. The wavy stitching is very appealing. The second page where you used the half & half circles was a great way to make them fresh, and that photo is the PERFECT Mackinac Island capture! You truly used up that paper - another great shot...

  3. thanks for the tip on punching tissue paper - I completely ruined a border punch with tissue paper (it blocked up and couldn't be saved) so that I had to buy it again. I will be more careful next time. This was a great piece of paper and again, did anyone use it whole, I wonder? Three wonderful layouts and I agree with Leslie about the organic feel to your borders. Gorgeous