June 27, 2016

Documenting a Vacation with Felicity Jane and a Travelers Notebook

(Just a friendly warning - this is going to be a long and photo-heavy post...)
My husband and I went to Mackinac Island, Michigan for a short vacation at the beginning of June. We really loved it there and when we returned, I wanted to try and capture my memories of this trip right away, before I forgot too many of the little details. In the past, I have scrapped full 12x12 size albums of our most of our other family vacations but didn't want to commit the time and energy right now to such a big project. I had a couple of travelers notebooks that I'd purchased on a whim, and decided to use one of them to document this vacation.

My goal for this project was to pair some of my favorite trip photos with my feelings about the island. I wanted to keep the embellishments simple so that I could focus on my thoughts and stories.

I first narrowed down the hundreds of photos I'd taken to about 30 of my favorites. There are 32 pages in the Webster's Pages travelers notebook I'd be using and I thought one photo per page would be a good place to start. I initially only printed a few of them as 4x4 squares using my Canon Selphy - I wanted to start the pages first and see how I liked the size before I committed to printing the whole group. The finished book actually has 53 photos in a variety of sizes. As I worked on the pages, I edited some photos into smaller sizes and collages so that I could include more in the book.

I then took out my box of leftovers from my Felicity Jane kits (I've been subscribing for a year) and quickly selected things that I thought would work well with my photos.

Limiting my supplies to just the Felicity Jane items was a big factor in helping me complete the project in two days. As I've learned by participating in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog for the last year or so, having a ready-made kit of supplies really speeds up the process because I don't waste time searching through my supplies - I just use what I pulled. And though I had little pieces from 12 different Felicity Jane kits, everything coordinates beautifully. Sometimes when I work with just one manufacturer's collection I quickly tire of using it but there is so much variety in the Felicity Jane pieces that everything seemed fresh and new. I included all 12 stamps sets in my kit as well.

I first left everything in one big jumble similar to the above photo but after digging through the pile a few times, I decided it would be worthwhile to sort the embellishments by type. I filled a few bowls and put everything on a tray.

And then, the fun began! When I've made vacation albums in the past, I have planned out my pages in advance. I'll make notes about what photos I should use, what I want to say about the photos, and will essentially plot out the organization of the entire album. I took a different approach with this notebook: while I did make sure to keep photos from the same event together, I didn't worry too much about the order. I didn't want this book to be just a recitation of each day's activities - I wanted to capture what was (for me) the essence of our trip: how I felt, what I liked, how beautiful and charming I found the island, etc. While we were on the trip, I wrote details about our days in a little notebook but I didn't refer to it very much for this project. 

So here are the pages:
I made pockets behind the two photos so I could include more journaling:

The top photo flips up to reveal another photo underneath:
 I included more journaling in this little pocket:

I added this kraft envelope to the inside back cover and slipped in just a few pieces of memorabilia:
The finished notebook is just about 3/4 of an inch thick when held closed and I let some tags and labels stick out from the top and side to make it look a little more interesting.
This was such a fun and creative project for me and I am just thrilled with the result! Does it tell every story and include every detail? No, but that's not a problem for me. I know that I will tell other specific stories on regular scrapbook pages (I've done this for one particular story already). And even if I never tell another story or make a scrapbook page about this vacation, it's all ok. This notebook is a tangible reminder of that wonderful trip. When I flip through it, it takes me right back to the island and makes me happy all over again.

I also have plans for the other notebook in the pair I ordered. I'll be pulling together another little kit and participating in the Little Paper Project's Little Summer Joy. You can find details about all the fun here.

Thanks for making your way through this very lengthy post, and if you're looking for a relaxing vacation idea, I highly recommend Mackinac Island!


  1. Loved seeing all the photos.. I just wish I had 12 months of those kits to work with.. I've only been subbing for about 4 months I think.. oh that Savannah stamp set.. I wish that could be in stock one day! I love it!.. Your book is amazing!

  2. I've been working on my vacay mini (in one of these travel books!) at the same time, so it was a real treat to see yours. I knew that you would love the island, esp for the lilac festival. I can't help but wonder if the weather kept people from going? Your FJ bits & bobs couldn't have been more perfect for this project, and I loved how you had them set out so prettily (& organized so usefully.) Your book was as lovely as your trip it would seem! xo

  3. WOW this is a fantastic way to show off a vacation :) Love the little mini book

  4. *sigh* this is gorgeous! I've made mega albums before and wonder how to approach the smaller but still important trips - this could be something for me. I love all the Susan elements here with the labels and tags and hidden journaling. It's just gorgeous

  5. I love all your ideas, the flips, pockets, pullouts, and tabs. Gave me a lot to think about.