July 9, 2016

CKC July Layouts

So, remember earlier this month when I posted my June kit, I mentioned that it didn't seem to be "me" and I was expecting to have difficulty working with it? Well I am very happy to report that my kit is growing on me. In fact, you could even say that I really like it and am having fun using it - hurray! It's a nice feeling to be getting use out of a kit after spending time putting it together.

I have two layouts to share with you today and both were inspired by an online class I am taking called "Layering Like a Boss". It was developed and is taught by Victoria Calvin and you can get more information about it through her blog here. Since it is a paid class, I won't be going into details here but I did want to credit her class as influencing my layouts.

The first page is about one of my favorite topics this time of year, the ocean.
The page features the Ali Edwards' beach stamp I added to my kit; I even stamped right on my photo, which is something I've been doing often lately. I placed different textured embellishments on the page - there's a canvas tag, a chipboard frame, a cork circle and various die-cut shapes. I especially like the nautical feel to the rope ties on the canvas tag.
I also like the yellow and darker red tones of the patterned paper against the deep blue sky in the photo.
My second layout uses a photo that I took on the same afternoon as the photo on my first page, and is about another favorite summer subject, ice cream. After our stop at the water's edge, we visited a local ice cream shop for an afternoon snack.
I cut the design edge off the Fancy Pants transparency I included in my kit and placed it at an angle on white cardstock. I then taped it onto the cardstock with strips of washi on both sides. For my title, I stacked a variety of brightly colored word and phrase die-cuts in the white space on my photo.
I balanced the design by adding a journaling card and more embellishments to the right side of the photo.
That ice cream was definitely delicious and seeing this page has me wishing for another cup of it! I should probably look for photos of healthier subjects when I'm hungry...

What are your favorite scrapbook subjects at this time of year?


  1. I love these..especially the first one. Love how you've added so much texture.

  2. These are fabulous. Love how you used that transparency.

  3. Intrigued about the class - you may have to tell me more! Will visit the link... I really do love all the texture that you enumerated in your description & so wonderfully tied to your subject. I'm glad you & your kit are warming up to each other ;)
    Great that you got your transparency elements on these pages - I noticed the yellow one peeking out from behind your sea photo. Applause for celebrating the charms of soft serve ice cream, a personal fave of mine!

  4. the class is obviously suiting you! great layouts although you made me laugh about the ice cream where you said that it's too bad it's two hours away. I think it's probably a good thing as you'd be there all the time like me and the ice cream cafe right opposite where I live. The pounds have piled on in the months we'Ve lived here!