July 14, 2016

CKC July Layouts

Summer is in full swing around here and I recently created two layouts about one of my favorite places to be at this time of year: the beach. Actually, the beach is one of my favorites at any time of year but these particular photos are a great match to my July CKC kit.

This first layout features many of the blue, green and teal shades in my kit. I associate these colors with Newport, which is where the photos were taken.
Our daughters both went to college in this town and when our youngest graduated this spring, I wondered if we would still feel as at home there as we did when we visited them at school. When we took a day trip there in June I found my answer - absolutely! I think Newport will always be a special place for our family.

I used a frame stamp to mark off an area to place my photos, and then tucked a selection of 2x3 pocket cards and various bits and pieces around them. I am usually not a fan of glittered embellishments but these pretty teal nautical shapes were perfect for the page and I just had to include them.

The color scheme for my second page was inspired by the 2x3 card from Elle's Studio that serves as my title:
I used white cardstock for my background and picked out a couple of red, black and white pieces from my kit, including the chipboard clouds from October Afternoon. I placed a chipboard frame over my photo to draw attention to the subjects and then added a little stamp to the bottom left corner.  
Under the photo, I included a black & white branding strip along with a few more stamps. I have been getting a lot of use out of my stamps lately. They seem to be just the right thing to fill an empty spot or add something a little extra to the page. I'm making sure to include a few stamp options when I put together my counterfeit kit each month.

How about you - do you use stamps on your scrapbook pages or projects?


  1. You are so fortunate to be close enough for a day trip to the sea! The glittery elements are beautiful on your page.

  2. I love the beach but to be honest I prefer it out of the summer season! I am in love with going to the Dutch North Sea coast when it's wild and windy! Your photos look gorgeous though! I don't stamp nearly enough and I should try to do it more often. I'm always afraid of messing up my page as I'm such a bad stamper!