July 29, 2016

CKC July - The Leftovers

After seven layouts, I thought it was time to retire my July "Beach Party" kit. I was running low on patterned paper and was starting to tire of some of the embellishments - does that happen to you when you're using a kit?

As I started going through what I had left, I discovered that I had several of the blue and green squares from the patterned paper which had been the inspiration for my kit. I had a 12x12 sheet of navy tone-on-tone paper and a couple other blue patterned paper scraps left as well and used those and the squares to make one last page from my kit.
I converted a recent photo to black & white, then arranged the squares in a grid around it. For embellishments, I added a die-cut typewriter, blue camera and arrow clips, and a couple of words that I cut from one of the patterned paper scraps. I also included the number "9" (for the nine cousins in the photo) and cork circles on the sunburst patterns. There wasn't much space left on the page for journaling, so I punched a half-circle out of the top, made a little pocket to attach to the back and then slipped in a small tag with the story. And now I was definitely ready to call my kit "done".

I'd included several packages of die-cuts in my kit and used most of just one of the packs. I sorted what was left of that one into colors and placed them in my color boxes.  I put the rest of the die-cuts and pocket cards back in their original packaging and set them back into my supplies.
I used three complete packs of embellishments (sort of - explanation to follow) and was happy to throw the packaging away (yay!). I also had small scraps of patterned paper that were too small to keep so I disposed of those as well.

Although I threw away the packaging, I still had four (of six) canvas tags left and I had already stamped on them. Because I liked how they look, I decided to leave them out on my table and try to get them on pages soon. I've since gotten one of the floral ones on a layout so now I've only got three left. The clips went into the color boxes and the alpha set went back in to the rest of my supplies.
I also had most of a journaling notebook, a few scraps of paper that I thought would be usable and some leftover trim and ribbon. All of that went back into my supplies.

So that's the end of another kit, and just in time too - it's almost August 1st when we'll be revealing our next inspiration kit. Do you take apart your kits at the end of the month?


  1. I really like your page - I could never pull together something so clever at the end of kit. So stylish. I don't always take my kits apart right away, but I am trying to get better. If I haven't used it in the month I made it; there's little chance much more will get done with it afterward.

  2. I really do think this is a FAB solution for the bottom of the box. I always intend to do this! I did one last page with mine this month, but I didn't do a kill-the-kit post. I ALWAYS return the leftovers to my stash.