August 29, 2016

Something a Little Different

Back in June, I used a travelers notebook to record some memories of a vacation, and I mentioned that I would use another notebook for the Little Summer Joy project organized by Little Paper Projects
Earlier this summer, Ali Edwards offered some free digital word art stamps (these are no longer available) and I decided to incorporate some of them into the project. I am in no way Photoshop-savvy, but was able to add them to a few photos using the Picmonkey photo editing site.  
This was such a fun project to do and I found it very easy to keep up with the weekly prompts.
One key to my success was gathering a small group of supplies and keeping them, along with the notebook, in easy reach.
I also tried to get in the habit of working in the notebook on the same day every week. That ended up being Mondays, which was the day the new weekly prompts were issued. I'd read through the latest prompt and then mull it over a bit while putting together the page spread from the previous week.
I used a few different apps to create collages and edit my photos and then printed them on my Canon Selphy. Being able to have my photos ready to use in a few minutes also helped keep me on track with this project.
I generally kept each prompt to a two-page spread but week four used Ali Edwards" "Day in the Life" project as the prompt and I ended up using three two-page spreads for that week.
This type of project is a great one for using up little bits and pieces of ephemera like labels, word/phrase stickers, and tabs.
I added items to the edge of some pages to make the book look a little more interesting.
One of my favorite parts of this project was taking photos and trying to come up with creative ways to illustrate the prompts.
I even made a flip out page to be able to include lots of photos for one of the weeks.
Since I enjoy writing on my memory-keeping projects, most of my pages had plenty of journaling.
When the weekly prompts concluded, I still had a few pages left in my notebook. I filled them with a summer recap...
a few favorite photos from a mini-vacation...
and some thoughts about the transition to fall (this was actually part of the final prompt).
The last couple of pages hold my thoughts and some photos about my attempt to "say yes" to more things this summer season.
I'm really taken with this form of memory-keeping. It can be a little less intimidating than a blank 12X12 piece of cardstock, and there's a nice "casual-ness" about a travelers notebook that has me feeling very relaxed and creative when I'm working in it. And I really love having a physical documentation of summer 2016 in a nice little package.
I have no plans to give up traditional scrapbook layouts but a travelers notebook adds a nice variety to my memory-keeping. I'm going to be using one to participate in the 30 Days of Lists Challenge (list making + travelers notebook??? I'm sold!). I'm also toying with the idea of making a little autumn joy notebook too.

Have you used a travelers notebook? What do you think about this form of memory-keeping?

August 25, 2016

CKC August Layouts

Less than seven days left in August - how did that happen? I thought I'd better sneak in one last post with the rest of my layouts from my "Meander" kit.

I wrote a draft of the journaling for my first page shortly after the event on the page happened.
The rectangular block of text above the photo is actually a set of rub-ons. I'd planned on making that block the full length of the page but I had so much difficulty getting just that small amount rubbed on that I decided to just go with that smaller piece. 

I put a couple of circle punches to work for the left side of the page. 
 I used a photo from my childhood on the next page. This topic has been on my scrapbook "to do" list for several months and this kit finally seem to give me the right fit.
I'd written a little list of memories of how my mom took care of me when I was sick as a child and I paired it with a photo of the two of us from way back when. Isn't my plaid overalls ensemble stunning? The chipboard moon and stars were just the right embellishments to match with my memories of my mom checking on me during the night.
On my next page, I used a notepad sheet that I've been holding on to for several years. It was just the right place to record my summer routine.
I like making pages that record the rhythm of everyday life - my daily activities vary with the season and I enjoy looking back and remembering what a typical summer week in 2016 was like. I've noticed that sometimes just a word or phrase can jog my memory and take me right back to another time. I'm glad to have this recorded - some of my routine has already changed a bit as we transition to autumn.
This lovely chipboard lady is an embellishment I never expected to use but she seemed very "at home" on this page.

And finally, my last page is my favorite this month but I think part of that is because it records one of my favorite memories from the summer. I've been visiting a local farmstand for the past couple of years and I discovered this year that the farm also grows flowers. And not only do they grow flowers but they offer a seasonal floral design workshop that includes a tour of the flower fields, a demonstration of flower arranging and the opportunity to try flower arranging for yourself. I have a summer birthday and this workshop immediately went to the top of my wish list. It was a magical afternoon and I couldn't wait to scrapbook about it.
My arrangements are in the top right and bottom left of the grid. The two other photos are just a small sampling of the beautiful blooms that were waiting for us that day. Definitely an adventure to remember!
So that's a wrap on my August kit, and just in time too because we'll soon be revealing the September inspiration kit. It's one that I especially love so I think September might be another great scrappy month!

August 22, 2016

Felicity Jane "Happy Day" Layouts

I'm not quite sure how it can be close to the end of August already - the past month has been a little busy around here. I've still had some time to scrapbook but I've gotten behind on sharing my layouts. I have the second group of pages from my July Felicity Jane kit to share with you today.

We received a small container of vellum scalloped circles in the July kit and I decided to sew a number of them onto this first layout:
I used French knots to adhere them through the center, then added some paper layers behind my photo, along with a few sequins here and there. 

I finished the page with a stamped quote, using this large letter stamp from Pebbles:

I haven't used this stamp very often and I was sure that I would make a mistake if I stamped the quote directly on the layout, so I stamped it on white cardstock first, then cut out each word and placed it on the layout.

This next page began with a leftover piece of cardstock that I'd used with my manual die-cutter.

I layered it over one of the patterned papers and then added some of the hearts and flowers from the kit's sticker sheet.
I kept the top half of the page more simple, using just the solid colors of cardstock from the kit. I slipped my journaling behind the cardstock toward the top of the page - the striped ombre heart acts as a tab to pull out the journaling card. I used the kit's puffy stickers for the title and added two little puffy hearts at the top of the page.
My last layout was in response to a challenge on the Felicity Jane Facebook group for subscribers to use the tags included in the kit.
I tucked a trio of tags next to my photo to help that section of the layout take up a bit more real estate on the page.
In the bottom left corner, I added a white cardstock label holder and sequins.
I also have a few more layouts from my CKC August kit. I'll be back to share them soon - hopefully before it's time to reveal the September kit!

August 11, 2016

CKC August Layouts

I included two challenging papers in my August CKC kit

I really liked the house and door papers when I bought them but they've been sitting in my supplies for a while now because I wasn't sure how to work with them. I added them to my kit with the hope that having them right out in front of me would inspire me to use them. 

The house paper turned out to be pretty easy to use. I added a small piece of it under my photo in my challenge layout here. I was flipping through a small stack of photos I've had in my "to scrap" pile and found a perfect match for the large scrap I had left. I've been wanting to tell the story about finally getting "real" dining room furniture and so here is the layout I made:
I chose one of the pale yellow cardstock sheets I included in my kit and then fussy-cut two rows of houses and used them as a border along the bottom edge of the page. The little woodgrain strip is cut from the "b" side of the house paper.
I arranged my photo, journaling and title in a very loose grid and stamped the "x" border around the rest of the page to frame the layout. I found that cute house mini-flair in a little bowl of items I've been meaning to put away - I love when procrastination (or maybe laziness?) pays off! I purchased it from the Feed Your Craft shop on Etsy and it nicely filled in the empty label on my journaling spot.

Now for that door paper...I initially thought that I would either use watercolor paints or small pieces of paper to fill in some of the door shapes. I really didn't want to go through the work of paper-piecing (see the laziness comment in the previous paragraph!) and I'm not comfortable with my watercolor skills and also didn't want to deal with the warping effect that technique has on paper. After letting the paper sit out on my table for a couple days, I found my inspiration in that same stack of "to scrap" photos. I was looking at a photo of my daughter from her college graduation in May and suddenly got an idea about all the doors that are now open to her as she begins her post-college life. Here's how I translated that idea to my page:
I cut about two-thirds of the door paper, attached it to a piece of white cardstock and covered the seam between the two with a narrow strip of black and floral paper. I arranged the photo and several chipboard and sticker embellishments in a horizontal band on that seam and wrote my journaling, in the form of a letter, under the photo. It's hard to see in the photo but I ran a gold Sharpie along the edge of the paper, the photo and the thin white mat under it.
I'm pleased that I was able to find a way to use these two papers.  How about you - do you have any papers that you're finding challenging to use?

August 6, 2016

CKC August Challenge #1

It's time for our first challenge of the month. Remember how I meandered away from the neutrals in our inspiration kit? Well, I also wandered a bit from the challenge. At least I'm consistent, right?! Here are the details of the challenge posed by our fearless leader Lisa...

Challenge #1 - today is "Sandcastle Day" so it's time to be a little nostalgic. Be inspired by that most enjoyable childhood activity and create a project featuring sandcastles. initial thought was to feature a sandcastle photo on a page but, despite several beach vacations, I have no such photos. I know our daughters used to make little castles with their pails and shovels but back in those days, I never brought a camera to the beach.  

So I turned to Pinterest and searched "sandcastle" in the hope that something would spark an idea. This photo made me think that perhaps I could use the triangle turret shapes as a design element:
Pinterest Link
I wasn't too sure about that idea though so I continued scrolling through the results of my Pinterest search until I found this:
Pinterest Link

I briefly considering mimicking that spiral design with rectangular pieces of patterned paper but wasn't sure that I could actually execute this idea successfully. Back to the Pinterest results again and after quite a bit of scrolling, I found this:
Pinterest Link

Now that was more like it! I could definitely replicate that book cover's design on a scrapbook page. I'm not sure that technically I'm satisfying the conditions of the challenge, but considering that I did find this option while searching for sandcastles, I'm hoping that Lisa will forgive me! And her challenge did mention being a little nostalgic and the barn photo on my layout can qualify as a bit retro so maybe that would help my case too! Here is my page:

Inspired by the color of the stormy skies on the book cover, I selected the blue/gray piece of cardstock from my kit. Although the book cover is a rectangle, I decided to keep my page a 12x12 square. I used the branding strip (cut into a banner shape), a ticket-shaped label and a chipboard circle with a heart in place of the penguin on the top right of the book. My photo is a square but I layered a few patterned papers and vellum under it to give it the rectangular shape of the illustration on the book. I substituted a chipboard scallop banner for the book cover's blue/green marbled stripe and placed my title above and below the banner, taking the place of the author's name and book title. I kept my journaling in the same spot as the book's preview words.

My journaling:
This summer I am trying to say "yes" more often. On the way to pick berries at Lyman Orchards, I noticed this pretty barn with a tangle of blooming wildflowers in front. At the orchard, I considered stopping at that barn on the way home to take a photo or two. I started to talk myself out of it: the barn was right by the side of a somewhat busy road - what if someone sees me? So I drove past, but immediately remembered my "say yes" motto and I turned around, parked the car in a nearby lot and walked over to take the photos. I'm happy I did - this photo will always make me smile and remember my "say yes" moment.

(I should add that I returned to that same orchard a couple weeks later and because of road construction, those wildflowers have all been bulldozed over and there are some very unattractive construction vehicles parked right next to that barn- now I'm even more happy that I photographed them that day!)

Now it's your turn - whether you interpret this challenge literally or take a much looser approach (like me), please link your project here. We love it when you share your creations with us!