August 25, 2016

CKC August Layouts

Less than seven days left in August - how did that happen? I thought I'd better sneak in one last post with the rest of my layouts from my "Meander" kit.

I wrote a draft of the journaling for my first page shortly after the event on the page happened.
The rectangular block of text above the photo is actually a set of rub-ons. I'd planned on making that block the full length of the page but I had so much difficulty getting just that small amount rubbed on that I decided to just go with that smaller piece. 

I put a couple of circle punches to work for the left side of the page. 
 I used a photo from my childhood on the next page. This topic has been on my scrapbook "to do" list for several months and this kit finally seem to give me the right fit.
I'd written a little list of memories of how my mom took care of me when I was sick as a child and I paired it with a photo of the two of us from way back when. Isn't my plaid overalls ensemble stunning? The chipboard moon and stars were just the right embellishments to match with my memories of my mom checking on me during the night.
On my next page, I used a notepad sheet that I've been holding on to for several years. It was just the right place to record my summer routine.
I like making pages that record the rhythm of everyday life - my daily activities vary with the season and I enjoy looking back and remembering what a typical summer week in 2016 was like. I've noticed that sometimes just a word or phrase can jog my memory and take me right back to another time. I'm glad to have this recorded - some of my routine has already changed a bit as we transition to autumn.
This lovely chipboard lady is an embellishment I never expected to use but she seemed very "at home" on this page.

And finally, my last page is my favorite this month but I think part of that is because it records one of my favorite memories from the summer. I've been visiting a local farmstand for the past couple of years and I discovered this year that the farm also grows flowers. And not only do they grow flowers but they offer a seasonal floral design workshop that includes a tour of the flower fields, a demonstration of flower arranging and the opportunity to try flower arranging for yourself. I have a summer birthday and this workshop immediately went to the top of my wish list. It was a magical afternoon and I couldn't wait to scrapbook about it.
My arrangements are in the top right and bottom left of the grid. The two other photos are just a small sampling of the beautiful blooms that were waiting for us that day. Definitely an adventure to remember!
So that's a wrap on my August kit, and just in time too because we'll soon be revealing the September inspiration kit. It's one that I especially love so I think September might be another great scrappy month!


  1. Each one of these is a treasure, I especially like the 7 days page. Beautiful work all around - nice attention to journaling too.

  2. Wow - a four-hanky post...
    Such a poignant moment captured in that first page. I think my own children are beginning to have a moment or two like that.
    You plucked my heartstrings again with the page where you sit ensconced in the protective circle of your mother's arms. She looks so radiant, as if she couldn't imagine being anywhere else, doing anything else... that moon & stars are perfection.
    Love how you've used the arrows on #3 to point out the days of the week. Your lady does indeed look very comfortable on your page!
    And lastly your flower farm adventure - how marvelous! I know how much you must have enjoyed it & what glorious results! Definitely a gift that keeps on giving :)

  3. I used to think that I was prolific, but not any more! I bow to your ability to produce gorgeous layout after gorgeous layout again and again. Just lovely. Four beautiful, touching pages.