August 29, 2016

Something a Little Different

Back in June, I used a travelers notebook to record some memories of a vacation, and I mentioned that I would use another notebook for the Little Summer Joy project organized by Little Paper Projects
Earlier this summer, Ali Edwards offered some free digital word art stamps (these are no longer available) and I decided to incorporate some of them into the project. I am in no way Photoshop-savvy, but was able to add them to a few photos using the Picmonkey photo editing site.  
This was such a fun project to do and I found it very easy to keep up with the weekly prompts.
One key to my success was gathering a small group of supplies and keeping them, along with the notebook, in easy reach.
I also tried to get in the habit of working in the notebook on the same day every week. That ended up being Mondays, which was the day the new weekly prompts were issued. I'd read through the latest prompt and then mull it over a bit while putting together the page spread from the previous week.
I used a few different apps to create collages and edit my photos and then printed them on my Canon Selphy. Being able to have my photos ready to use in a few minutes also helped keep me on track with this project.
I generally kept each prompt to a two-page spread but week four used Ali Edwards" "Day in the Life" project as the prompt and I ended up using three two-page spreads for that week.
This type of project is a great one for using up little bits and pieces of ephemera like labels, word/phrase stickers, and tabs.
I added items to the edge of some pages to make the book look a little more interesting.
One of my favorite parts of this project was taking photos and trying to come up with creative ways to illustrate the prompts.
I even made a flip out page to be able to include lots of photos for one of the weeks.
Since I enjoy writing on my memory-keeping projects, most of my pages had plenty of journaling.
When the weekly prompts concluded, I still had a few pages left in my notebook. I filled them with a summer recap...
a few favorite photos from a mini-vacation...
and some thoughts about the transition to fall (this was actually part of the final prompt).
The last couple of pages hold my thoughts and some photos about my attempt to "say yes" to more things this summer season.
I'm really taken with this form of memory-keeping. It can be a little less intimidating than a blank 12X12 piece of cardstock, and there's a nice "casual-ness" about a travelers notebook that has me feeling very relaxed and creative when I'm working in it. And I really love having a physical documentation of summer 2016 in a nice little package.
I have no plans to give up traditional scrapbook layouts but a travelers notebook adds a nice variety to my memory-keeping. I'm going to be using one to participate in the 30 Days of Lists Challenge (list making + travelers notebook??? I'm sold!). I'm also toying with the idea of making a little autumn joy notebook too.

Have you used a travelers notebook? What do you think about this form of memory-keeping?


  1. Love your notebook! As we head into summer in NZ will be using this as inspiration for my own documenting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You totally rock the traveler's notebook!!! These make the best minis ever, don't they? I love that you've put together a tiny kit to keep chairside when the mood strikes. You've made a lovely personal diary, week-in-the-life style! Charming :D

  3. What a fun project - your notebook looks fab. I must think about hopping aboard the TN trend train.

  4. This is so beautiful. I've been enjoying your IG shares but seeing the whole thing here makes me realise just how lovely it is. I've not tried a traveller's notebook but you have me intrigued!