November 10, 2016

A November Gratitude Project with a Felicity Jane kit

Several weeks ago, I started noticing Instagram posts about doing gratitude projects in November.  At the time I thought "How nice!" but I wasn't planning on participating.  I have plenty of other things I could be doing and didn't really want to take the time for one more project.  And then, three things came together to convince me that I should do a gratitude project of my own:

1.  I'd completely forgotten that I'd put together gratitude mini albums for the past two years.  Did I want this to be the year that I'd break with tradition?

2.  An Instagram friend, Elise, posted a link to her list of prompts for her #mythankful30 project.  You can take a look at it for yourself here.  If I followed this list, I wouldn't have to come up with prompts of my own.  And I wouldn't necessarily have to take photos for each prompt; I could just write my responses.

3.  My November Emeline kit from Felicity Jane has been sitting in its box, taunting me.  It's lovely autumnal color scheme would be perfect for a gratitude project.

And so before I knew it, I was sitting at my dining room table playing with paper and embellishments and making a November gratitude mini album.  

The album is a 4x4 Project Life mini album that I came upon in my supplies.  I'm not sure where or when I purchased it but I thought it would be perfect for the project.  It included page protectors  - some single 4x4 and some with a grid of four 2x2 spots.

I pre-made my base pages and attached some tags as well.   Then I just played, adding embellishments to the pages, the page protectors, the tags and the binder rings.  I searched through my box of Felicity Jane kit leftovers and used some of those items as well.  

Here's a look at a few more pages:

There are leaf clips and a sequin pocket with an acrylic "today"...

banners and pennants...

labels and puffy stickers...

tags and wood veneer...


washi tape and other fun dimensional items.  

And so there it is...the project I wasn't intending to do.  As of the date of this post, I've kept current with my entries too.  Having the base of the album pre-made is a huge time-saver and so it doesn't really take too much time to take a quick photo and/or write a few words each day.  I've been rearranging the pages as necessary to fit whatever I'll be adding for the day.  

I'm happy that I'll have this album to add to my little gratitude collection.   Besides, it's time to start thinking about December Daily...


  1. First of all, it's such a sweet size! And then I love how "stuffed" and textural it already looks...when filled it will be an absolute pleasure to page through, I'm sure.

  2. I love this, Susan! All those layers are so fun. I'm using my November FJ kit to make my gratitude album as well 😊

  3. ok, so i have a little 4x4 gold album that has been taunting me for weeks. Maybe I need to take your inspiration and turn it into my Christmas/December mini. This is so gorgeous. How do you come up with all your beautiful ideas ALL the time!?! Sequin pockets make my heart sing