November 14, 2016

December Daily - Getting Ready

Cue the music: "It's the most wonderful time of the year"...  I am in the holiday mood much earlier than usual this year and have decided to take advantage of it by getting my December Daily album prepped. (December Daily is a memory-keeping project led by Ali Edwards and you can get more details about Ali's concept on her blog.)  

This will be my eighth year recording stories in a December Daily-type album.  I have a few other posts about it on my blog and I've linked them below:
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I'm trying something a bit different this year - I ordered products from Ali's shop when she presented her kits back in September.  I purchased her main kit, the mini-kit from Paislee Press, the Christmas Star stamp set and the cream & gold foil 6x8 album which included pocket pages in a variety of configurations.  This seems a little more formal to me than my past approaches - I've usually made the albums from chipboard covers, the pages have been patterned papers cut to various sizes, and I haven't used page protectors or pockets.  I'm a bit curious to see how I like the pockets but I think it will be an interesting change for me.

One recent Sunday afternoon, I gathered my supplies and decided to start working on the base pages and pocket pieces.  In addition to what I ordered from Ali, I included some older stamp sets (most of them designed by Ali over the past few years), some Story Kit leftovers, acrylic paint and silkscreens (also from Ali's shop), and a couple of things I picked up from Target's Dollar Spot and holiday aisles.  Then I just played with the supplies.  I stitched and stapled and stamped to my heart's content.  I really enjoyed the creativity of mixing and matching the embellishments and papers.  

Here's a little look at some of my work:

Once I thought I had a nice supply of embellished inserts, I sorted the cards and papers by size and then started slipping them into the page protectors.  When a page protector had several pockets, I tried to coordinate the cards or at least arrange them in a pleasing way.  I don't add numbers to my pages (see my post here) so I have the flexibility to rearrange the cards once I start adding photos and stories.

Here are a few of the full page 6x8 inserts:

Here are a couple of the 3x4 section inserts:

Here's a page with two 3x4 cards and one 4x6 card:

This page has 12 2x2 pockets:

I also added one of the clear plastic envelopes that Ali's Story Kits are packaged in each month.  This will be perfect to hold the receipts or lists I always include each year:

I decorated the inside front cover as well:

As you can see, I've left lots of room on the 6x8 pages and some empty spots in the pocket pages for photos and stories.  I'll probably rearrange pages to fit what I want to record as December progresses.  I have plenty of leftovers as well so I can fill in any open spots if necessary. 

I'm really happy with how it all looks - I like the variety of the page protectors and the smaller tags and acrylic pieces I added directly to the binder rings.   I'll be sharing my completed pages in December on Instagram (I'm @littlethingsbigdays there) and will try to post here every few days too.

So bring it on December - I'm ready for you!


  1. Well now, aren't you the beautifully scrappy prepared one. I have decided I can use my cards from last year if I just change the year on the first one. What I haven't decided is if I am actually going to try and do a December Days project - it seem more like December Daze around here.

  2. Your tray of bits and pieces looks so inviting! I'm just itching to dip my hand in and choose an embellishment or two..

  3. *sigh* this is just gorgeous. I think I need you to make one for me because for sure, I wouldn't be able to make something as lovely as this!