November 27, 2016

December Daily - Lessons from the Past

After I prepped my album for this year, I spent some time looking back through my previous albums.   There are certain pages that I've consistently repeated from year to year and I wanted to refresh my memory so that I can include them this year.  Here are some of the stories and photos I'd like to cover again in 2016...

I usually make one or two grocery store trips to purchase the ingredients for our Christmas Eve dinner and the items I'll be bringing to our Christmas Day celebrations.  In the past, I took photos of my grocery cart and I'd to do that again this year.

I subscribe to several magazines and the holiday issues are always my favorites.  I'll be photographing the covers again in 2016.

I include a note to myself every year.  I usually recap the year and capture whatever happens to be on my mind at the time I write the note, and I re-read the notes every year when I take out my albums.  I slip the notes into an envelope so my writing stays private.

One of my holiday traditions is attending a holiday craft fair with my mom and two of our friends.  Although this fair is held the weekend after Thanksgiving and usually isn't in December, I've been including it in my December Daily because it's part of my Christmas preparation.  I wasn't able to attend last year because I was sick but I still added the reminder card and wrote about my disappointment.  (And I was very sick because this is usually a must-attend event for me!)

I collect snowmen and even though every year I vow not to add to my collection, I never manage to keep that resolution.  I include a page about my latest additions every year.  I wish I had done this documentation when I first started my collection but too much time has passed and I just don't remember the stories behind some of my snowmen.

I include a page about any new Christmas ornaments as well.

This next page was a new one last year but one that I plan to include again.  I change the wallpaper on my phone to celebrate the season and I added screenshots to my 2015 December Daily as a fun reminder.

Finally, I try to include some sort of "slice of life" information as well.   Here's a look at how I did it five years ago:

Looking through these albums was a lovely walk down memory lane for me.  There were some stories and photos I'd completely forgotten, and others that recorded things we no longer do so I'm thankful that I captured them at the time.  December Daily is one of my favorite memory-keeping projects.  The holiday season is very busy and seems to pass so quickly, but I'm happy that I decided to spend the time on these albums.  I'll always treasure them.

I have a December Daily post here on "what works for me" and another one here on using memorabilia and ephemera in my December Daily album.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing some great ideas that work for you every year in your Dec. Daily albums. I just love this project so much and can't wait to begin my own this year.

  2. Thanks Joanne - I'm very excited about starting this year too!

  3. That is such a great idea to repeat certain aspects every year. Thanks for the look into your December Daily. I started one last year and only did a few pages - maybe I'll get one finished this year.
    Cindy F

  4. There are some lovely ideas here and so many little details that make your albums so special. I don't do one every year but this might be the one -- late as always