November 24, 2016

November Gratitude Project Update

Thought I would take a little time today to share some of the completed pages in my gratitude project.  I have a post here that has all the details: I used a Felicity Jane kit, a Project Life album with various 4x4 page protectors, and prompts from Elise for her thankful 30 project here.  

I've been trying to complete my entry every day but even if I miss a day or two (which I have), I can quickly catch up.  Some days just have written entries while others have both writing and photos.  That's fine with me - I'm still getting a complete picture either way, which is my goal with this mini-album.  Here are some of my thankful entries...

For the appliance prompt:

For the "what makes your home a home" prompt:

Thankful for my town:

Thankful for a family member:

Thankful for a particular drink:

Thankful for a delicious dessert:

In this season of gratitude, I'm happy that I'm making this little reminder of all my blessings.


  1. It's such a lovely album because it isn't simply a pretty thing, it has real meaning. I hope your mum's operation goes well.

  2. Thank you Sian - it's definitely nice when pretty things have a purpose too!

  3. I've been watching this album come together over on IG (and am now working backwards through your blog in case you hadn't realised). It's such a wonderful mini. Gratitude wonderfully expressed and captured. just lovely