November 3, 2016


I'm back today with the layout I made for my #HashtagThisWeek prompt "quoted".

I'd been out on my daily neighborhood walk one day when I happened to glance to my left and spotted an adorable bicycle with a little white basket on the front leaning against a porch railing.  It was so cute and unexpected that it made me smile and I stopped to take a quick photo with my phone.

When I was ready to make my "quoted" page, I knew I wanted to use that photo. I have several Pinterest boards filled with words and quotes and it didn't take me long to find one that was a great match to the photo and the feeling it evoked in me.

I hope you'll join in with the "quoted" prompt this week.  You can find more information on the Turquoise Avenue blog here.   And please leave a comment with a link to your project here - I would love to see it!


  1. Hi, Susan! I've been enjoying exploring your wonderful blog -- so much lovely inspiration! I am interested in how you do your album organization. I searched and found your December Daily albums post from 2015 -- can you direct me to any previous blog posts that you have written about grouping and organizing your albums? I'm always fascinated to see how dedicated scrapbookers who have been memory keeping for a while group their memories.

    Thanks so much! (Joanne_daybyday on instagram)

  2. Hi Joanne! Thanks so much for the sweet comments! I don't have any blog posts about album organization because I actually don't have a system - augh! When I started scrapbooking about 20 years ago, I did everything chronologically in Creative Memories albums. I eventually stopped that and started using Stacy Julian's Library of Memories approach. So my next group of layouts (over a few years) are organized into four categories: us, people we love, things we do, and places we go. Over the last few years though I've just been sticking layouts into albums - there's no organization; I just wait until I have a little pile and then put them away. Eventually, I'd like to revamp everything into more of a stories approach. I'm not really sure yet how that would go. One of our girls has moved out (almost) and I hope to take over her room. Once I have the space, I think I'll tackle the album reorganization.

  3. Gotcha! That will be a very interesting journey and experience when you get to that point. My layouts have fallen into three categories (my son, my daughter, and family) so I organized that way chronologically. Now that I'm in a new season of life, with both my children away at college, I'm focusing more on a new category -- me! I'm so ready to get more introspective and contemplative. You and Ali Edwards are very inspiring in that regard.

  4. So lovely. The layers of paper to the left is great - noting down that idea