December 14, 2016

December Daily - Favorite Things

There are so many wonderful and creative people sharing their December Daily pages.  One of my favorite versions this year is the one being created by Brandi Kincaid.  She is writing a love letter each day - you can see her pages on her blog here or on her Instagram here.  Her Day 11 entry really caught my eye.  She talked about some favorite things she found when cleaning and she used one of the stamps she designed for the Feed Your Craft mini kit "Calm and Bright" (which unfortunately is sold out).  A lightbulb went off in my head - I have that same stamp!  What a great topic to explore in my December Daily!  And so here is my take on Brandi's page - my favorite things/the holiday version, which turned out to be a multiple page spread.

Starting with the first page on the left, I stamped the title onto a leftover Story Kit circle.  I'd printed one of the Calm and Bright papers on vellum and had a few scraps left so I punched smaller circles and then sewed them, along with the title piece, into a banner.  I then adhered the banner onto a piece of patterned paper from the Paislee Press mini kit.  

The facing page, which I completed last, features the story and provides details about my favorite holiday things.  I slightly trimmed one of the other papers in the Calm and Bright kit and journaled on the reverse side.  My title is stamped using an inexpensive small alpha stamp that is old enough for me not to remember where I bought it.  I added a thin strip of that same vellum pattern at the bottom just to tie the two pages together, and placed an Avery tab with a stamped insert on the right side.

The reverse of that page holds a free gratitude art print from Ali Edwards (I'm not sure that it's still available - I wasn't able to find it on her blog).  I printed it out on a laser printer and then added gold foil using a laminator.  It's not perfect but I'm happy with it.  I cut it into a banner shape and then adhered it over the wreath patterned paper.

The opposite page is a grid of 2x2 pockets that I filled with circles of stamped cardstock and photos.  I used my very favorite alphabet stamp (available from Feed Your Craft here) to stamp the categories and that same smaller stamp for some of my answers.  I also added some white number stickers from a previous Story Kit to connect this page to my journaling.

I briefly considered stamping or drawing arrows from the category circles to the answers but decided against it in the end - I was afraid the grid might look too busy.

Here's a look at the complete spread:

I'm really grateful to Brandi for the inspiration - I've haven't done a holiday favorites list in any of my previous December Daily albums and I love that I finally have it documented in this year's version.



  1. I love your list of favourite things! And your handwriting is gorgeous.

  2. That is so cool! I love how the layout and colours come together, it's beautiful.