December 11, 2016

December Daily - Happy Details

Today I'm sharing a multiple page spread with lots of photos and a story from a trip that I hope will become an annual December tradition.  Last Sunday we met up in the town where both our girls went to college.  We took the photo for our Christmas card, wandered around town and enjoyed a lovely and leisurely brunch together.  The weather was cold but sunny and there were plenty of opportunities to take photos.  And I took complete advantage of those opportunities!

I used one of the full 6x8 foundation pages to start off the spread, adding one 3x3 and two 2x2 photos.  I used some black letter stickers from an Ali Edwards Story Kit, adhering them right to the top of the larger photo.  Then I tucked a few pieces of plaid washi (from the Paislee Press mini-kit) around the photos.

For the opposite page, I used a page protector with 12 2x2 squares.  I had already filled some of the pockets with letters ("details") and a heart when I made all my foundation pages.  Here's the front of the page, after I added a few photos:

And here's the back:

I love that I was able to include so many of the details I captured that day.  

I made another 4x6 insert to include between the two pages.  The front is a diagonal striped card with a couple of embellishments (I pulled it from another one of my foundation pockets):

I wrote my story on the back (another pre-made card I removed from a different pocket):

I added an index tab on the edge of this piece after stamping two different sentiments on the white insert label.

This is how everything looks in my album:

Thanks for stopping by - I hope your December is full of delightful little details!


  1. I love your style! Your album is wonderful. I do have a question though - how do you get "full" 2 x 2 photos? Whenever I try I have to crop to get to the size. What am I missing?

  2. Thanks Jennifer! I use the "Print to Size" app on my phone to make the 2x2 photos. When I add a photo to the app, I can pull the corners of it until the dimensions are 2x2 and the app keeps the photo to scale so I get a smaller but full version of the original photo (I tend to take photos in squares as well to begin with). I hope that makes sense but if you still have questions just let me know.