December 13, 2016

December Daily - Seeing the Lights

I have really been drawn to light this holiday season - light from candles, light on Christmas trees, light in yards, light from the stars in the sky.  I've never been more aware of light during the Christmas season as I have been this year, and so of course I've documented this in my December Daily.

The top card is one I'd pre-made with the banner cluster and stamp along the bottom - it was perfect for my topic so all I needed to do was add my photo.  The companion card is one I made myself, using the Letterglow app and my phone.  I started with a photo of the same candles that I included on the top card, just taken at a different angle.  I had the idea to write my journaling over the top of the photo so I lightened the opacity using the app and then added the "seeing the lights" word art (from a digital stamp set that was part of Ali Edwards' Storytelling with December Daily class that I took last year).  After printing out the photo, I wrote my journaling directly on it with a thin sharpie pen and let it air-dry for about 30 minutes.  I then drew the thin lines using an even thinner tipped pen and again let it dry for a bit.  My last step was to adhere some tiny reflective hearts between my journaling and the digital stamp.  Here's how the page looks in my album:

I'm pleased with how this looks and am happy to have one more facet of the season recorded in my album.

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  1. It looks beautiful. "Air dry" you can't say that too many times! I spoilt a postcard recently by writing the message and then swiping my hand across the whole thing before it was dry.