January 1, 2017

New Plans for the New Year

Hello and Happy 2017!

As 2016 was drawing to a close, I spent some time thinking about my scrapbooking and what I'd like to concentrate on in 2017.  I made a lot of layouts in 2016 and while I enjoy making full-size pages, I'd also like to get back to working on Project Life.

I have two complete Project Life albums: 2008 and 2010.  I love the glimpses they provide of what our lives were like at that time.  

And although I haven't completed Project Life albums for any other years, I do have plenty of photos and memorabilia for them because I thought that eventually I'd get back to them.  I think I'm going to work on last year first while it's still relatively fresh in my mind.  The photos and memorabilia for that year are pretty easily accessible as well, another good reason to begin there.

My Project Life albums for 2008 and 2010 were done on a weekly basis but I'm not going to continue that way for the future.  I'm going to be more relaxed with the timeline - if a pocket spread covers a week, fine; if it covers a month or even longer, that's good too.  I'll confess that right now I'm not exactly sure how this will work and I'll probably need to refine my process as I go but I'm just going to dive in and take it from there.

In addition to recording memories and stories, this Project Life approach will (I hope) free up some of my storage space. I've got boxes of photos and envelopes of memorabilia stashed in closets and bookcases around the house.  And it will help me use up supplies too since I seem to have acquired plenty of pocket cards over the years.  (I might be doing some giveaways too here on the blog or on Instagram.)

My earlier Project Life albums were pretty basic - photos + cards + words.  I plan on adding more embellishments this time around.  I think I'll be making up kits using the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog monthly inspiration kits.  Again, these are just my initial thoughts; once I start working on this I'm sure I'll be refining my process.

This Project Life plan doesn't mean that I won't be making any more layouts.  I still think they are the perfect solution when I want to tell longer stories so I will continue to make 12x12 and 8.5x11 pages too.  I'm hoping to file those layouts right in the Project Life albums to give a really complete look at the year.

Another goal I have for 2017 is to come up with a consistent process for getting photos printed.  I have a Canon Selphy and use that often to print photos for layouts but I do rely on a "real" developer for large batches of photos.  I tend to start the year strong and get photos printed at the end of each month but as the year goes on, I fall behind.  For 2016, I've only printed through April, along with two vacations during other months.  I'm going to need to catch up on photo ordering, which leads me to my last set of goals for the year.

I'd like to devote some time this year to completing some unfinished projects.  In addition to ordering last year's photos, I still need to complete my "Week in the Life" from May and from 2015 (yikes!) and my "Day in the Life" from March and October (I managed to complete my July version).  I took the photos and I have notes to go along with them so I just need to put it all together.  I have a small album with the WITL projects I did in 2008 and 2010 so I'll add in the latest versions once I complete them.

I also need to finish the last two months of the "One Little Word" class I took last year from Ali Edwards.  I've kept up with the work but I just need to complete the final product.  None of these projects should take very long; it's just a matter of setting aside the time and getting it done.  My OLW for 2016 was "commit" - how's that for irony?!

So there are my scrapbooking goals for the new year.  How about you - what would you like to accomplish in 2017?


  1. These are great goals. I don't know how you'll do it - all the catching up on older projects. I'm one that would drop it all and just start fresh. However, I don't really make tradition pages anymore.
    I'm jazzing PL this year by trying to use a 6x12 album. I have many 9x12 page protectors which worked out great last year. I'm going to cut them to 6x12...how's that for going wild? I'm going to do WITL and DITL and December Daily and that's really it. If a page idea comes up I'll go for it but otherwise I'm paring down.
    OH! and using only what comes in the Ali Edwards story kits and what I already have in physical product/digital. I - Have - SOOOO - much stuff.
    Also I'm going to really really go thru all the classes I've purchase. Victoria Marie's 12 story is so good. I just have to actually do it.
    Looking forward to watching you create in 2017.

  2. A Happy New Year to you! I have very much enjoyed getting to know you and your beautiful pages in 2016 and I'm looking forward to whatever you have for us this year! My goals? Simply I think to keep on enjoying my scrapbooking without ever letting it become a chore.

  3. Those are very "doable" goals -- it's so important to have a plan at the beginning. It may not always work out that way, but at least it's a good start. I'm planning on continuing using the Project Life app for my main way to record my family activities. This is so freeing as it's fast and easy and gives me more time to do other more creative/reflective projects. Let's get 2017 started!!