January 9, 2017

Year in Review Layouts

Now that the frenzy of December Daily is over, I've had some time to get back to my neglected monthly kits.  The December Ali Edwards' Story Kit and Stamp have the theme of "review" and are perfectly suited for looking back and wrapping up the year that just passed.

For my first page, I asked my family members to each tell me the one thing they felt was the personal highlight for them in 2016.  

I printed out a small photo of each answer - I've already documented these events separately so I didn't need to add anything else to the page but a short description for each photo.

The result is a quick, simple yet meaningful layout that will be a great closing page for our 2016 family album.

My second page documents my year in the daily walks I took around our neighborhood.

I often take photos on my walks so I selected one from each month and printed each of them as a 2x2 square.

I originally punched circles out of each square but after I arranged them on the cardstock, I didn't like how they looked.  So instead of reprinting them all, I just added some foam adhesive to the circles and popped them back into their original squares.  I really like how this looks now - sometimes mistakes lead to better things!

On the side of my photo grid, I added some journaling about what each month is like along my walking route.

My third page looks at my year in flowers.  I love gardening and often have fresh flowers in the house.  It was pretty easy to find photos of the arrangements; I didn't have photos for January and November so I just substituted two other nature photos for those months.

I used the Picstitch App to make 4x4 squares of three vertical photos and arranged them on white cardstock, adding journaling at the bottom and then just a few simple embellishments.  

As I looked through my photos from 2016, I saw lots of repetitive shots over the year: my daily walks, my gardens, the stacks of books waiting to be read, sunrises and sunsets, my shopping cart at the grocery store, drinks from Starbucks (yes, even Starbucks).  They all reveal a bit of my personality and what makes me "me".  I definitely plan to make more of these year-in-review pages using those photos.

What about you - do you have a photo series that would make a great year-in-review page?



  1. Oh I love these, what a great way of looking back that can be adopted to so many topics. Well done!

  2. I know that I leave a lot of love on Instagram, but these amazing projects deserve a little more. I love that I can see more detail over here too. As always, you're so inspiring x

  3. Beautiful pages, every single one.

  4. I love your designs and the way you made an "oops" into a really cool look!