February 22, 2017

Finish It February - My 2016 Week in the Life

The Scrap Gals podcast recently aired an episode about unfinished projects and the follow-up discussion on their Facebook page evolved into the idea of "Finish it February" - taking time this month to complete projects that had been lingering incomplete.  Since I have plenty of those, I resolved to tackle my "Week in the Life" project before its first anniversary arrives (in May).

I had already done a good portion of the work - I'd taken the daily photos and written notes to go along with them, both saved in designated files on my computer.  I began by editing (minimally) the photos, deciding on sizes (I used a combination of 4x6 and 3x4), and adding digital word art to a few, and then submitting a somewhat large photo order to my local Walgreens. 

I've documented a WITL two other times, using a mix of 8.5x11 full and pocket pages on both occasions.  I decided to follow that same process with this year's version and just add these new pages to the album I'd already started.  Not having to come up with a completely new design scheme helped speed the process along. 

I planned to use Ali Edwards' Week in the Life kit for 2016 and a couple of her Day in the Life mini-kits, along with the various bits and pieces I have left over from her Story Kits. I had plenty of pages protectors for the full size pages and a supply of the baseball card size pocket pages as well.  Armed with my photos, notes and supplies, I plunged right in.

I'm happy to report that it's done! I'd like to share some of the pages with you now.

This is the intro page:

This particular WITL fell on a busy week for us - I began planting my flower gardens that week and my youngest daughter graduated from college during that time too which involved a long-weekend trip out of state.  So I had plenty of photos to fill my week and I ended up with lots of extras but I'll put them to use in either my Project Life or on layouts.  I want to make (or already have made) more detailed scrapbook pages about some of the activities so I tried to include just the photos that really spoke to me in this project.  I also didn't stress about adding lots of journaling throughout the spreads, much for the same reason.  If I have important things to say about a photo or group of photos, I'll do it on a scrapbook page.  My goal for this project was to show a representative week in my life with photos and limited journaling.

Each day began with a full 8.5x11 page on the left, included two sides of a 9x9 pocket baseball card protector, and ended with another full page on the right. Here's a peek at some of the spreads:

I added one smaller insert (two 4x6 pockets) for this day - I wanted to include more photos of my newly-planted garden.

Completing this project and looking back at the two other times I've done it really made me appreciate all the details and moments captured. It's definitely a worthwhile project to me and so I plan to join in again this year.  I also intend to document much sooner this time around.  I still have two incomplete 2016 day in the life projects (at least I did one of them!).  Since there's still a little more time left in February, perhaps I'll take some time to finish them as well.


  1. Your photos really are so lovely. What a treasure to look back on this album is.

  2. Hooray for getting your album finished, Susan, it looks awesome! Love the mix in page sizes and styles!