February 27, 2017

Finish it February - Part 2

I was so happy to have completed the documentation for my 2016 Week in the Life that I decided to apply "finish it February" to my March 2016 and October 2016 Day in the Life projects as well.  Better to take advantage of the momentum while I can, right? 

My March DITL ended up being a double 12x12 spread with an insert between the two pages:

One side of the insert serves as a title and the other holds all my journaling.

I used just a few embellishments since I already had so many photos on the pages.

The embellishments are all from a variety of Ali Edwards' Day in the Life mini kits and Story kit.  Some might even be from Week in the Life kits - once I finish using a kit, I store all the leftovers together so I'm not sure of the exact sources for everything.  I love the big wood veneer numbers I used to note the date.

I also love all that journaling that provides a timeline of my day.

I added my photos in horizontal strips and offset the rows just to add a little variety to the design.  I included some word/phrase stickers on some of the photos too.  Now on to the October DITL...

I had far fewer photos this time around because I'd forgotten that it was DITL-time until I was already a few hours into my day.  Rather than abandon the project, I decided to just start taking photos when I remembered and then work with what I had.  My documentation for this DITL is on one double-sided page protector made up of 2x2 squares - 3 across and 5 down.  The original page protector actually had 4 rows across but I trimmed off the last column to better fit the number of photos I'd use.

I combined my photos with squares of white cardstock to hold my journaling.

Again, I kept the embellishment simple - I want the focus of the project to be the photos and the words.

These DITL spreads, along with the July spread that I completed on a more timely basis, are now in the 2016 Project Life album that I'm slowly working to finish.  I added a tab on the side of each spread to easily distinguish them from the regular pages in the album.

I'm happy to have {finally} finished these projects.  My regular layouts capture a specific moment, memory or feeling.  My Project Life pages provide bits and pieces of life in a "that's the facts" manner over the course of a year.   These DITL and WITL spreads add another dimension to my memory-keeping by presenting a good overview of an ordinary day.  I'm looking forward to participating again in 2017 (and hope to complete the documentation faster this time around).

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  1. I think I may try a DIL, one per month, for each weekday. Our schedule is pretty regular in many respects. I love vhat you've done!