March 21, 2017

Pocket Scrapping Recap/What I've learned So Far

I am still steadily working away on my 2016 Project Life pages and have several to share here today. These are the pages I put together for February 2016, interspersed with some thoughts on what I've learned so far about this project.

My vision of my Project Life is that it will hold the basic "who, what, where, when, why, and how" of everyday life.  I will tell the bigger stories on layouts and use travelers notebooks and mini albums for other projects.

For me, there's definitely a different type of creativity involved in working on this project.  I like seeing each pocket as its own little canvas but there's certainly a fine line between getting carried away and just getting it done.

Pocket pages provide a perfect repository for the ephemera of life: grocery lists, "to do" lists, tickets, special cards and notes, recipes and receipts, screenshots of the weather or texts, etc.

I've found that I like devoting time to finish a few weeks or a month at a time before returning to work on traditional layouts.  I've also discovered that I've gotten more comfortable changing up my page configurations.  I've purchased a variety of pocket page protectors over the years and while I think that eventually I'll stick with one standard design, I want to make good use out of what I already own.

My stamp sets are getting a good workout on these pocket pages and I like using small phrases or icons to add just a little something extra to the pockets.

Taken by themselves, many of the pocket photos don't really have much meaning but when I look at them all together, they give a great picture of my life right nowThey show the things I like, places I go, things I do etc.  I would have loved seeing an album like this from my grandmother so I know that I'll be happy looking back on this some day.

I enjoy mixing and matching products from various manufacturers - it's fun discovering that a 3x4 card from an Ali Edwards' story kit has the same colors as a 4x6 card from Kelly Purkey and both coordinate with a stamp from Heidi Swapp.

This type of memory keeping is a great way to use up supplies!  I'm going to try and pick out particular packages of items that have been hanging around for a while and get them used on the pocketsI also want to add more letters - thickers, alpha sets etc. - to the pockets.

While my daughters are good about sending me photos of their activities, I've decided that these pocket pages will mainly focus on my life and my perspective.  I will add some of their photos every now and then but otherwise the photos will be ones that I've taken of my life.  This was a big realization for me - I somehow felt responsible for documenting their activities as well as my own just because they gave me photos.  They are both adults and are free to document what they wish as they wish.  Some day I plan to put together pocket pages of their childhood photos that haven't already made it into albums.  They both already have plenty of pages devoted to them from birth to adulthood though so I don't feel guilty (smile and cue "Let it Go").

So that's what I've learned so far about my pocket pages.  I also have some comments to make about the whole photo selection/editing/printing process but I'll share those in another post.

Thank you for stopping by today! 


  1. Great post, Susan. I like your clean straightforward look. I have found that this year I am concentrating on adding the misc. bits from my stash to use up odds and ends and it works surprisingly well. The trick as you say is not to slide down the slippery slope of getting carried away and adding in too much. Also, I have decided that I'm going to use a few pocket pages for miscellaneous pictures of my kids when they were younger to fill out their albums of 12 x 12 pages. Then I will "let it go" and move onto more recent pictures feeling more caught up.

  2. You really do take wonderful pictures.

  3. Pinned this - exactly what & why I'm thinking this would be great!

  4. this is exactly what I like about pocket pages too-the mini canvas feeling, using up bits & bobs, & telling the every day life stories that don't necessary need a full 12x12.