CKC March Kit

My post title is not a typo - I still have a few layouts to share with the CKC kit I put together for March.  You can see that kit here.

Usually by the time a new month rolls around, I am more than ready to move on to a new kit.  I started to go through my March kit leftovers, intending to put the usable items back into my regular supplies, and I realized that I still liked and wanted to work with the kit.  And so I did!

I had a large piece of butterfly paper left and used it as the base for this first page.  We were starting to see the first signs of spring around here and you know what that means - I'll be making lots of layouts featuring flowers.  So this is the first of many:

I used the Color Pop app on my photo to highlight just the yellow of the daffodils and I used the Letterglow app to add some word art from the March digital release from Ali Edwards.

I then printed one of the 4x6 cards in that release and used a circle punch on it to make my title.  I wrote my journaling on a white tag and tucked it behind the photo.

My second page was inspired by a fun prompt on the Whimsical Musings blog: be inspired by the International Day of Happiness.  Can you guess what makes me happy (other than scrapbooking, of course!)?  Yes, more flowers!  I'd been in Trader Joe's a few hours before I read the prompt and took a photo of their display of tulips, and that photo was just what I needed for my page.

I tilted the photo on an angle and added minimal embellishments to keep the attention on those lovely flowers. 

I'd like to get back into the habit of making "currently" pages which document the little details such as what I'm reading, eating, loving at the current time.  Here is the one I put together for April:

I raided my supply of wood veneer to add an embellishment to each category of journaling.

I arranged my photos in a loose garland across the top of the page and slipped some little pennants in along with them to add a bit more color.

Even after these three pages and the four pages I'd made earlier in the month (you can see them here and here), I still thought I could get a little more out of the kit.  I decided to make some cards to use in my Project Life.  Here's what I made:

It was fun sifting through my scraps and embellishments to add little details to the cards.

And now I feel ready to move on to April!  

Week in the Life, so far...

I am once again participating in Ali Edwards' "Week in the Life" project.  (You can read more about the concept on Ali's website here.)  I'm almost at the halfway point and wanted to share my thoughts on how it's going so far.

I admit that I was less than enthused when I woke up on Monday morning and remembered that this would be the first day of photo and note takingSince I completed the physical documenting of my 2016 WITL just over two months ago (you can read about that here), my appreciation for this project was fresh in my mind, which helped me get started.  And when I scrolled through my camera roll on Monday evening, I was very happy that I'd gotten over my initial lack of enthusiasm.

I will be taking all my photos with my iPhone.  I don't have a fancy camera but even if I did, I'm not sure that I would drag it around with me all week.  In contrast, I almost always have my phone with me and I'm satisfied with the quality of photos it produces.

There are routines and activities that occur multiple times during the project, and since I've done WITL several times before, I have very similar photos of those repetitive events.  I am trying to capture different perspectives of those activities this time around.  For example, I pick up groceries at least once a week and I usually document this by taking a photo of the grocery cart.  On Monday, I took this photo instead:

It's not the world's most riveting photo, but I like that it shows my reusable bag, a bit of the parking lot and the outside of the store.  I probably will take my traditional shopping cart photo later in the week too since it captures the food we eat, but I like seeing another view of my trip.

I am also trying to get more of me in this project, either by taking selfies or by using the timer on my phone.  I'm not very comfortable with the former and the latter certainly involves a lot of trial and error but I'm learning.  I've already taken more photos of myself in the first three days than I did in all seven last year - they won't appear on my social media but they will appear in my WITL album.

I documented my previous WITL projects in 8.5 x 11" page protectors but there's no more room in the album I used.  I ordered Ali's gray striped album along with her kit and will be documenting in 6x8 this time around.  I've seen that some people set up pages in advance which I considered but never got around to doing.  I will probably start and end each day's spread with a 6x8 photo and I'm trying to keep that in mind as I take photos each day.  Right now my intention is that those photos be of something significant that happened on those days or be what I think of first when I remember each day but I'll see what I have when the week is over and it's time to print.

I'm also considering adding journaling directly onto many of the photos before printing and so I'm trying to frame the photos to include more "white space" to hold that journaling.  I may add the words in photoshop or by writing right on the photo - again, I'm waiting to see what I have when the week is over.

I noticed last year that some of my WITL photos essentially do double-duty.  They're included in this project but they also give my ideas for telling more detailed stories on layouts.  I want to keep better track of these ideas and get those richer stories told.  The photo below documents a weekly chore but it also inspires me to tell the story of how much I love the scent of clothes dried outside on the clothesline:

And finally, I don't intend for this project to be a moment by moment recap, but rather a representative picture of my week.  I will miss things, and it's ok.  I will not document every meal I eat, every cup of coffee I drink, every television show I watch, or every errand I run. I don't want to be so caught up in capturing details that I get overwhelmed and don't enjoy the project or give up before the week is over.  I'm pleased with what I've got so far - and now on to the rest of the week!

Thanks for stopping in today!  If you're participating in WITL, how are you doing so far?

Feed Your Craft / Make It Matter

It's release day in the Feed Your Craft shop and I have a couple of creative team projects to show you today.  The latest kit is called "Make It Matter" and it is delightful - it's designed by Brandi Kincaid and is perfectly themed for any kind of crafter or maker.

My first page is about my grandmother's button and thread boxes.  As soon as I saw the needle and thread in the stamp set, I knew that this would be the first story I'd tell.

I used some of Nana's stamps and thread to embellish the page.  And how gorgeous is that scissor stamp?!

Did you know that when you order the kit, you receive a sheet of printables along with a digital file of the 3x4 and 4x6 cards that come in the kit?  I printed the sheet on vellum and on cardstock, then combined my two favorite cards for my second layout.

I stood on a chair to capture this photo of the dining room table, covered in scrapbooking supplies.  I get very messy when I'm working but when it reaches the point where I can't find something in the mess, I'll stop and clean up, but then the cycle just repeats itself. 

I was very inspired by this kit - I've got a long list of layout ideas and I may even use it to put together a mini-album.  I'll be back to share my other projects with you soon.  Thanks for visiting!

Layouts Lately / Feed Your Craft

I'm happy to say that I'll be back on the Feed Your Craft Creative Team for another six month term and I'll continue to work with the kits designed by Brandi Kincaid.  The next kit will be released on April 15th and it's another great one! I can't share any of it yet but I do have three layouts that I made with products currently in shop and I'd like to share them here today.

My first page was inspired by the At Home Stamp. The "this is home" phrase got me thinking about all the places I think of as "home": my childhood home, my grandparents' and great-grandparents' homes, my parents' current home and where I now live. 

I was able to find a photo of each house, except for my grandparents' home.  I did have a photo of myself in their kitchen so I used that one instead.  I added the phrase and little house stamps next to each photo and wrote a couple of lines about each place.  I scattered a few embellishments around the page and then added a strip of black & white house paper at the bottom.

My next two pages feature Flat Packs, which are a new shop offering.  I started with the Read More Flat Pack, intending to make a page about books and my love of reading but I ended up with a page about our local library.  I love when products take me down unexpected paths!

My last page was inspired by one of the 3x4 cards in the Tough Stuff Flat Pack.  Life isn't always sunshine and flowers right?  My best friend and I meet up every month (we live over an hour away from each other) and talk over all our ups and downs.

So that's a little of what I've been up to lately.  I'll be back later in the month to share a couple of projects from the April 15th release, Make it Matter.  Thanks for stopping by!

Counterfeit Kit Challenge - April Mini-Kit Reveal

This is my month to put together a mini-kit for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog based on the Cocoa Daisy February 2017 Kits.  I used the exclusive papers as the basis for a page kit.  Here's a look at my inspiration:

Cocoa Daisy Exclusive Add-On Papers
I flipped through some of my 6x6 paper pads, looking specifically for papers with a large polka dot, small print, chevron and woodgrain.  Once I picked out the papers, I quickly pulled some coordinating embellishments from a little pile that I hadn't yet put away - sometimes it pays to be a little messy!  Here is my page kit:

My embellishments include some rubber banners and a tag from Maggie Holmes, puffy heart stickers from Elle's Studio, and a 4x6 card and a sheet of blue puffy "plus signs" from the Ali Edwards' "Bond" Story kit. 

Since we are using Cocoa Daisy for our inspiration this month, I decided to base my page on their March page sketch:

March Page Sketch
Here is my page:

I've had the photo on the left in my "to scrap" pile - it's been there for quite a while because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it.  The 4x6 pocket card gave me the idea to tell the story of the sister bond between my daughters.  I paired it with a second, older, photo that I converted to black and white - I wanted two photos on the page to show the bond between the girls over the years.

I trimmed the card into a banner shape and used it as the title for my page.  I scattered my journaling around the layout, adding pairs of plus sign stickers and hearts to further emphasize the theme of my page.  I outlined the paper strips and banner to help them stand out a little more, and then outlined the page edges as well.  My last step was to add three of the rubber banners.

We've got more mini-kits and projects on the CKC blog - go here to see what some of the other Master Forgers have in store.  I hope you've been inspired to make up your own kit this month, whether it's a page kit, a mini-kit or one packed full of your favorite supplies.  And don't forget to add your kit to our monthly link-up so that we can all see what you put together.

Forgeries on the Fourth

I'm on mini-kit duty this month and you'll be seeing what I assembled in a few days, but today I have a few forgeries to share with you.  I made these after I put together and used my kit so I'll be using them on other projects.

As you know, our inspiration kit this month is the February 2017 "Ashton Court" Scrapbook Kit by Cocoa Daisy.  There were plenty of possibilities for forging.  I selected three categories from the Day in the Life Kit:

the little lined tags with quotes seen on the left above,

the die-cut shapes and words, and

the pocket cards.  All three were very easy to reproduce; I spent less than an hour total putting them all together.

I knew I had some tiny tags in my supplies and I paired them with a few stamps from Felicity Jane.

I snipped off the thread, stamped the tags and ended up with these:

For the die-cuts, I took a scrap piece of white cardstock and stamped some images from various stamp sets using colored ink.  

I then fussy-cut the images and this was the result:

And finally, the cards.  I replicated five of the designs, using stamps, stickers, and assorted other supplies.  I made the "February" card by coloring in some Thickers with Sharpies.

Here are my versions:

These forgeries were quick and easy and I was very happy with the results. I hope you'll give them a try - leave me a comment if you do. Don't forget to check out the other forgeries on the blog this month too. You can read all about them here.

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