April 15, 2017

Feed Your Craft / Make It Matter

It's release day in the Feed Your Craft shop and I have a couple of creative team projects to show you today.  The latest kit is called "Make It Matter" and it is delightful - it's designed by Brandi Kincaid and is perfectly themed for any kind of crafter or maker.

My first page is about my grandmother's button and thread boxes.  As soon as I saw the needle and thread in the stamp set, I knew that this would be the first story I'd tell.

I used some of Nana's stamps and thread to embellish the page.  And how gorgeous is that scissor stamp?!

Did you know that when you order the kit, you receive a sheet of printables along with a digital file of the 3x4 and 4x6 cards that come in the kit?  I printed the sheet on vellum and on cardstock, then combined my two favorite cards for my second layout.

I stood on a chair to capture this photo of the dining room table, covered in scrapbooking supplies.  I get very messy when I'm working but when it reaches the point where I can't find something in the mess, I'll stop and clean up, but then the cycle just repeats itself. 

I was very inspired by this kit - I've got a long list of layout ideas and I may even use it to put together a mini-album.  I'll be back to share my other projects with you soon.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. These are beautiful, Susan, and I love the stories you shared! Your stamping and the printed vellum look great and the way you laid out your workspace photos is fab!

  2. What you have done here, weaving the stamps and the buttons into that beautiful border, is perfection! Pinnable perfection! That looks like a truly excellent stamp set too. You are making me want to investigate further

  3. I'm a tidy crafter, I cannot work in mess (even creative mess) and I have to tidy between each make or I feel stifled! Weird, isn't it? But I've been really, really messy this weekend and it's been driving me nuts!!!

  4. Wow Susan! I came across your blog just a couple of weeks ago and found so much inspiration. It is helping me get back into scrapbooking. Thank you!