Forgeries on the Fourth

I'm on mini-kit duty this month and you'll be seeing what I assembled in a few days, but today I have a few forgeries to share with you.  I made these after I put together and used my kit so I'll be using them on other projects.

As you know, our inspiration kit this month is the February 2017 "Ashton Court" Scrapbook Kit by Cocoa Daisy.  There were plenty of possibilities for forging.  I selected three categories from the Day in the Life Kit:

the little lined tags with quotes seen on the left above,

the die-cut shapes and words, and

the pocket cards.  All three were very easy to reproduce; I spent less than an hour total putting them all together.

I knew I had some tiny tags in my supplies and I paired them with a few stamps from Felicity Jane.

I snipped off the thread, stamped the tags and ended up with these:

For the die-cuts, I took a scrap piece of white cardstock and stamped some images from various stamp sets using colored ink.  

I then fussy-cut the images and this was the result:

And finally, the cards.  I replicated five of the designs, using stamps, stickers, and assorted other supplies.  I made the "February" card by coloring in some Thickers with Sharpies.

Here are my versions:

These forgeries were quick and easy and I was very happy with the results. I hope you'll give them a try - leave me a comment if you do. Don't forget to check out the other forgeries on the blog this month too. You can read all about them here.


  1. Cute forgeries! I especially love the journaling cards.

  2. The little stamped tags are my favourite. Very cute indeed.

  3. Thanx so much for these! Adorable & easy-peasy, the perfect counterfeits. I'm settled in for the night to catch up on your blog! It's been so long, I have snacks... hehe You never fail to inspire me <3

  4. Great counterfeits, lovely lady. It's so nice to someone else making the most of their stamp sets!


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