April 27, 2017

Week in the Life / The Completed Album and Final Thoughts

Today I'd like to share a few of the pages from my 2017 Week in the Life album, along with my thoughts on completing this project.

The key for me this year was immediacy.  It took me over nine months to complete my 2016 WITL album and the journaling was a bit of a struggle because I'd let so much time lapse and had taken very few notes.  This year, I wanted to capitalize on my enthusiasm for the project and get the album finished right away.  I was able to review and edit photos, select photos for printing, and write the journaling while everything was still fresh in my mind.

This project is for me and reflects my perspective and so I made a conscious effort to take more photos of myself.  The self-timer on my iPhone became my best friend and I'm happy to say that I have at least one photo of myself for each day of the week. 

I tried to vary the way I took photos as well, remembering to switch between portrait and landscape often.  This paid off in helping me fill the smaller pockets: the portrait-oriented photos would fit into the 3x4 pockets and the landscape-oriented photos would fit into the 4x6 pockets.  When it came time to print, I had one less decision to make.

As I took my daily photos, I also kept in mind that I'd want at least one large photo for each day for the 6x8 pocket.  I intentionally framed a daily shot or two to include a lot of white space, thinking that I'd fill that space with journaling.  In the end though, I found that I was able to record enough of the details on 3x4 pocket cards so I let that plan go.  And truthfully, I didn't really want to spend any extra time adding text to photos.  I ended up filling that white space with a perforated word strip (for the opening and closing pages of the album) or the plastic day-of-the-week abbreviations and the die-cut pennant pieces (for the daily 6x8 photos).

I don't have a final count but trust me, I took a lot of photos during the week. When it came time to select photos to print, in most cases it was pretty easy to know which to include and which to exclude.  Sometimes though, it was just a snap (excuse the pun) decision.  My goal with this project was to capture a representative look at my week.  I didn't intend to cover every moment of every day; I just wanted to include the highlights (and in some cases the low points).  My guidelines for choosing which photos to print: when I think of that week, is this something that stands out? Is this really something I'll care about in a year or two? 

I kept the embellishments to a minimum, both to save time and to keep the focus on the words and photos.  The batch-tasking I mentioned in my previous post definitely kept me on track too.

So there you have it - another WITL album completed.  This is one of my favorite memory-keeping projects and I think these albums will become more of a treasure over the years.  They're definitely worth the effort!


  1. I love it!!! this is making me want a special album to put mine in... the photos are in the mail from Shutterfly as I type... can't wait!!!

  2. I love your WITL album. Nice, simple and to the point. Great job!

  3. I love your photos! what a great record of a week well lived!

  4. Gorgeous work :) and well done you for getting on with is straight away! Whilst I am not a huge procrastinator, this year life has thrown a curve ball so although the photos are printed, it will be a while before my album is totally complete...but it will be done!!

  5. Your album is beautiful, Susan, and I really enjoyed reading about your process and feelings on the project as a whole! In the past I've tried to be as focused on the photos I take like you were, and find that it does make it a lot easier when it comes to assembly time (even if there are loads to choose from). You've definitely got a treasure there! :)

  6. Hello from Australia. YOU ARE AWESOME! And some of those pictures a fantastic.

  7. It's absolutely beautiful.