April 25, 2017

Week in the Life / The Plan for the Album

I just finished taking photos for my Week in the Life project on Sunday and I was determined not to take as long as last year to get those photos into an album.  I came up with a plan to help me put everything together quickly and would like to share that with you today.

First, the photos.  I'd reviewed the day's photos each evening and deleted any extras.  While I still had more than I needed, I wasn't overwhelmed by the number.  Before Sunday was over, I decided on the sizes and number of photos I would use for each day.  The album I'm using, which is part of the kit I ordered from Ali Edwards, came with a set of page protectors and in an effort to keep things easy for myself, I decided to use the same configuration of pages for each day's spread: a 6x8 photo on the left to start the day, 4 3x4 photos on the right and, using the back of that protector, another 4 3x4 photos on the left, 2 4x6 photos on the right and, using the back of that protector, another 2 4x6 photos on the left, and a 6x8 photo on the right to end the day. I was confident that I could make this work with the photos I'd taken.

I chose the photos I wanted to use for the large prints and added them to a separate album on my phone to stay better organized.  I edited them on my phone, used the Print to Size app to add them in 6x8 size on an 8x10 canvas, then uploaded them to my local Walgreens for processing.  I had a coupon and store credit to use to make this option more affordable.  

I then looked at each day's photos to decide what I'd need for smaller prints.  I made another album on my photo to keep track of my selections and printed these photos on my Canon selphy printer, doing one day at a time to keep myself from getting confused.  I again used the Print to Size app to add two 3x4 prints on one 4x6 paper.

I next made a little assembly-line packet for each day: I pulled the page protectors and stacked the photos on top, along with the embellishments I knew I wanted to use for each day: the plastic die-cut day of the week abbreviation, a 3x4 card sectioned by morning, afternoon and evening (there were 7 of these in the kit), another 3x4 card to record more details, the patterned acetate day of the week dividers that were a bonus for early kit ordering, and then either a pair of rubber icon circles or a pair of chipboard squares. I also added one wood veneer day of the week piece to each pile.

Assembling was next.  I slipped the photos in the pockets and adhered the embellishments.  I used Scotch quick-dry adhesive (which I believe is now called quick drying tacky glue) to attach the large plastic abbreviations to the outside of the page protectors.

I used red line tape to attach the rubber pieces and the chipboard squares to the page dividers.

And now it was time to add the words.  I wrote what I wanted to remember about each day - I'd jotted a few notes during the week but I added most of the journaling on the spot as I was assembling the pages.

The last step was to add the wood veneer pieces, some word/phrase stickers and perforated word strips to each day's spread.  I also made sure to stamp the date on each spread using the time roller stamp from Ali Edwards.  I put the year on the inside cover of the album (with the plastic numbers from the kit), along with another perforated word strip.  I also added one 6x8 photo to the front and back pages.

This batch-tasking technique really sped up the assembly process.  I like that each day's spread uses the same design and includes the same type of embellishments.  It adds a nice, cohesive look to the album.  I'll share my completed album in my next post.


  1. Love how organized you went into assembling your album, Susan! Fun to learn that we have similar thought processes when tackling a project like this. I can't wait to see how it all came together for you and I already see one of my favorite photos (the closeup of your porch) in use! :)

  2. WOW!!! thanks for sharing your steps!! I am as far as putting my photos into collages in the Project Life app then uploaded to a special folder on Shutterfly for order.... Keep sharing, it keeps us motivated :)

  3. Thank you for sharing. I especially liked the tip of moving certain pictures to a separate folder to help with organization and that you used the Print to Size app. I'd forgotten about that app and had been wanting to try it. And, by the way, your photos are fabulous.

  4. I can't wait to see it! And thank you: I think Print To Size is one I should be investigating