May 24, 2017

Out of the Scrap Box / Part One

I'd like to talk about scraps today.  We all have them - those little pieces that remain every time we create a project.  For a number of years I saved almost every one, tossed them in a large box and pretty much left them there to languish, all but forgotten.

Last year, I did a major reorganization of my supplies and one of the first things I tackled was that scrap box.  It was a 12"x12" box that was close to 6" deep and it was completely full.  I was ruthless - I took out every piece (scrap or whole) and kept only those that I absolutely loved and knew I would use again.  By the time I was done, I'd culled that huge amount into a much more manageable pile.  My current scrap box is an iris container and it is only about 1/3 full.  I've carried through that manageability by applying the same "love it and will use it" standards and sometimes when I add the newest scraps, I'll weed out some of the old pieces that no longer meet those standards.

So now my scrap storage is under control but - gasp! - I haven't actually been doing anything with them!  A few weeks ago, as I once again moved that box of scraps out of the way to reach other supplies, I decided that it was time to "use 'em or lose 'em".  I challenged myself to just sit and sift through those pieces of papers and select a few to use on a page.  I've found that sometimes just the act of sorting and holding my supplies sparks my creativity and it worked this time too.  I made several pages; looking back, I wish I had taken photos of the scraps I chose so that you could see where I started but I'll try and do that next time.  Now, onto those pages...

This first page was inspired by a prompt on the Whimsical Musing blog to be inspired by genius.  I used a rather large scrap of a pretty blue paper with gold constellations that I'd punched circles from for a past project.  I trimmed the remaining piece down to 8.5x11 and put together this page:

The gold star vellum sheet was in the scrap box as well.

On my next page, I used an assortment of paper strips from the scrap box - some were branding strips and others were strips I cut from larger pieces.

I layered some additional pieces under the photo and used one more scrap to hold my journaling.

I found another scrap that was the remnant from a banner I'd made and after staring at it for a bit, I realized that it would make the perfect pocket for a photo.  Here's how it looks on the page I made:

I used a few scraps behind the photo and two more as photo corners at the top right of the layout.

My final page today came from my discovery of a thin vertical strip of a rainbow-striped paper and a couple of small punched circles.  I ended up punching more circles to coordinate with that rainbow paper and added everything to this page:

I used a black and white diagonal stripe scrap to mat my photo.

Before I adhered the scraps, I cut a fringed edged on the paper strip just to add that extra something to the design.  I absolutely love the end result!

I hope to make it a habit to make pages from my scrap box on a more regular basis.  Combing through the bits and pieces definitely inspires me in a different way than when I begin with full-size papers.  And I promise to take photos of the scraps before I get them on the page next time.

How about you? How do you store your scraps? Do you even save them?  And do you find that you use them?


  1. WOW!!! great ideas!! thanks for sharing!

  2. OMG! You are so talented. Truly inspirational and I love each and every one of these gorgeous layouts. I need you to come and teach me!