June 10, 2017

Layouts Lately

Today I'm sharing a few layouts from some recent Ali Edwards' Story Kits.  

I loved all the circle embellishments that were part of the Lens Story kit and I had no trouble using them on my pages.  The first page features a story generated by a photo I took during my "Week in the Life" project:

Here are more of those circles on another page:

And one more circle on this last "Lens" kit page:

Several months ago, when I saw that "brave" was going to be the May story kit theme, I knew immediately that I wanted to tell a particular story about my mom's uncle.  He never had any children and I think it's important that future generations get to know this courageous man.  This is the page:

I actually haven't been making as many pages with the kits lately - I've had some assignments to do and now that it's spring, there are plenty of things to be done outside.  I still have many ideas for pages though.  Each kit comes with a "story sparks" card so I use them to note the stories I want to tell and eventually I'll get back to them.  I store the cards and any corresponding photos in a little basket.

When the weather turns warm and sunny, I spend more time out in my gardens.  In summer, when the humidity and heat roll in, I'll spend more time scrapbooking in our air conditioned house.  How about you - do you scrap less at certain times of the year?

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