August 18, 2017

Revisiting my May CKC Kit

Except for my forgery and my challenge page, I totally forgot to share the projects I made with my May Counterfeit Kit Challenge Kit, "Ocean Drive".  I'm happy to report that I used up almost all of the kit, making an additional three pages and a few pocket cards.

The first page was inspired by a little journal I have which lists the same five senses prompts on each page.  I've been completing the prompts on a very random basis over the past seven or so years.  I decided to make a page using my answers for May 5, 2017.  First, the actual journal entry:

And now the page:

I selected the diagonal stripe paper and then kept the design on the diagonal as well.  One of the Thicker packs I included in my kit gave me my title, and with a little modification, my top embellishment:

I used my forgery as part of my title on my next page:

I fussy-cut some little houses from one of the patterned papers to use as embellishments but had a little trouble deciding exactly where I should put them.  Here's where I started:

I wasn't very happy with this but after a bit more fiddling around, I found a much better arrangement as you can see in the first photo.

I wrote the journaling first and then added the clear journaling spot on top of it.  The spot's surface is very glossy and the only slick-writing pen I have was a little too thick for this purpose.  To help guide my writing, I placed the sticker (still on its backing) beneath my page, held it up to a brightly-lit window and lightly traced the lines onto my page.  After I wrote my story, I erased the lines and placed the sticker on top.

Here's the final page:

I pulled all the white, blue and green phrase stickers from the pack I included in my kit and then arranged them on the left side of the page.

The title came from the other Thicker pack and I bent it just slightly to add something with a little curve to my page.

I didn't have many large pieces left at this point but I loved what I did have so I decided to make some pocket cards and a stitched circle banner (one of my favorite homemade embellishments):

Definitely a successful and productive kit!

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