August 10, 2017

Vacation Mini Album - Part 2

I'm back today with more about my Canada vacation mini album.

I did do some prep work before I started putting the album together.  In addition to selecting and printing photos, I jotted down the major destinations and activities from our trip and tried to estimate how much "real estate" each one would take.  This gave me a blueprint to follow as I worked.

I scrapped in chronological order - it was easier for me to follow along day by day, using some notes I'd taken while we were actually on vacation.  Those notes are pretty basic - I tried each night to list what we did, where we were, what we ate and anything else of interest.  I didn't write polished journaling at the time; it really is just a messy list but it's so helpful to have this information after the trip is over.

I tried not to get too caught up in making sure I had the "perfect" embellishments for each page.  I limited myself to the supplies I originally selected and when it came time to add something to a page, I went with my first inclination.  Sometimes I can spend too much time trying out options and I really wanted to keep moving forward on this project.

Stamps were great to fill in little spots on the pages and I even stamped on some of my photos.  

I didn't use any bulky embellishments and kept everything contained on the pages.  When I used the smaller planner pages, I did add a tab to the sides for ease in turning the page.  And as you have probably guessed, my pages were generally heavy on the journaling!

I'll be back with one last installment to share the last part of my mini-album.  See you soon!

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