November 30, 2017

December Daily Prep

It's that time of the year again - time to get ready for December Daily! (December Daily is a concept developed by Ali Edwards. You can get all the details about it on her website here.)

This is my tenth time making a December Daily album and over the years I've modified the project to make it easier for me.  I have a post about all that here.

I am using pocket pages again this year, along with a 6x8 album that I found in my supplies.  I'm not sure of the manufacturer but I think it might be an older Simple Stories album that I picked up on clearance at Michael's.  It has three binder rings and pocket pages in a variety of configurations: 6x8, two 4x6, two 3x4 with a 4x6, and four 3x4.  I added a few 3x8 pockets too.

Since I don't have very many Christmas supplies, I ordered a few (well, more than a few) products from Feed Your Craft, Ali Edwards, Kelly Purkey and Elle's Studio.  I have much more than I need for December Daily but I can put the extras to good use in my Project Life and on layouts. 

Last weekend I decided to do a little prep work.  I wanted to personalize the cards and 6x8 inserts that I'll be using this year.  I sorted through my supplies and picked out cards and papers in the same color scheme.  I'm going with less-traditional colors this year: pink, light blue, navy and gray with little bits of wood-grain, black and white and the more traditional red and green.  I was really happy that I had plenty to work with from the products I purchased.  And then I just had fun! 

I did quite a bit of stamping and embossing.

I used my sewing machine to add stitching.

I made a little book from a pad of half-circle paper in the Ali Edwards' main kit.

I added die-cuts and embellishments.

I haven't put anything in the pockets yet.  I'm just keeping what I've made, along with extra supplies, in a storage case and then when December arrives and I'm ready to put together my pages, I'll just choose whatever works best with the story I want to tell.

This really is one of my favorite memory-keeping projects and I hope to be sharing my pages here as I complete them.

Are you doing a December Daily project this year? If you are, please leave me a comment below and let me know where you'll be sharing your pages.  I would love to follow along!

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  1. I love all of your embellishments you've added to existing products. So pretty and fun. I haven't done any prep work, but I will definitely be referring back to this post for inspiration when I finally get to it. Happy December!