November 28, 2017

Update on #MyThankful30 Project

Several weeks ago I shared how I turned an old book into the beginning of a mini album to hold a gratitude project I'd be working on in November.  Since the month is almost over, I thought I'd let you know how my album is coming together.

I originally intended to use a few prompts I found on Pinterest to write my daily entries.  I started out that way but within a few days I was writing about something particular I was grateful for each day.  I did go back to the prompts once or twice but for the most part my daily entries were generated from something that occurred to me each day.

This is a photo-less project.  I wanted to add a little more journaling than I had in the past and so I decided to fill the space the photos would have taken with words instead.

With December Daily looming on the horizon, I feel like this project could have easily gotten a little overshadowed.  Eliminating the extra steps of taking, editing and printing photos really helped me stick with it.  I enjoy writing and while I did double-up on the prompts a couple of times, it was generally very easy to get an entry done each day.

I'm happy to have a little collection of these gratitude mini albums from the past few years and hope that I'll be adding another one next year.  Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. This project looks like so much fun. I like all the "bits and pieces" especially. I always think the add-ons add so much personality to a scrapbook. You are so creative--I look forward to seeing your Dec Daily project. Thanks for sharing